Hello everyone!


Minecraft Update 1.12 has finally arrived to Castia!
All the necessary modules and systems have been updated to 1.12 and we happy to announce that you can all enjoy the great new features of 1.12 on Castia!
The 1.12 version update have mostly brought a ton of new colourful blocks to the game as well as a new mob, a parrot.
The parrot will be available through spawn eggs in our voting crates so you can all get a chance at having a parrot as your pet!

On top of this colourful update we have also managed to fix some of our long standing bugs regarding the custom enchants on classic. They are now all 100% functional. However if you continue to experience issues, please make a bug report here on the forums or contact a staff member.

We have also done some changes to the market and in the event of a new player renting a shop. Previously whenever a new player rented a shop, a staff member had to go and manually remove all lwc and shop protections. This process has now been enchanced and is done automatically! The content of the shop will go into storage and if the shop owner returns, they can claim all their shop items so they don't lose anything.

For more information about updates you are welcomed to read our: Update Logs

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Hello everyone

Wednesday, 2nd August, we will have some scheduled downtime for upgrading and updating our servers.
The maintenance will start 1 PM CEST (Central Europe Summer Time) and expect it to last at least a couple of hours.

This post will be updated once it's finished.
Hello everyone
I hope the summer is treating you all well, we are are thrilled about this update and those to come! Great things coming this summer for Castia!

Content Team Application
We are continuously focusing on making new and great content for Castia, whether it be new perks for ranks, jobs, new Castian items with custom effects or special server events.
However making all these things take time, time we also have to spend on general moderation and upkeep of the server. That's why we are really happy to announce a new team besides the staff team who will specifically focus on making new content for the server!
The application process will be similar to staff application and handled accordingly.

The content team will not have moderation abilities on the server because they will specifically focus on creating content for the server.
You can apply for the content team here: Link to application

Global Tablist
You have probably already noticed this change in-game. In another step towards removing any feel of division between Classic and Greek dimension, we have decided to make the tablist global ingame. You can now see the online players on both Classic and Greek at the same time.
Here is a picture of how it looks ingame

A little side note;
We are extremely happy with the large influx of new players and happy to see players equally enjoy both Classic and Greek dimension. We have exciting updates ahead so stay tuned!

Happy adventuring!
//SirKillian & Naskel