It's with great holiday excitement we can announce the release of our Christmas event!
However Christmas is in trouble! Evil elves and exploding gifts have taken over Santa's workshop and we must work together to restore Christmas!
Every 30 minutes a new wave of evil mobs spawn and you must travel to Santa's workshop to defeat the mobs. In return the mobs will drop Christmas Spirits that you can trade for powerful items!
However, be careful with your selection. You can only choose ONE reward.

There is three tiers of powerful Christmas events, increasingly getting better and more powerful. Here is an example of a tier two item;
Tier 1 items require 32 spirits, tier 2 is 128 spirits and lastly is tier 3 512 spirits.

Be ready to fight at any time! Whenever a wave of mobs spawn at Santa's Workshop, it will be announced in chat!
The event will expire Dec. 31st.


We wish you all a merry Christmas!
//SirKillian & Naskel
CastiaMc Server Rules

These are the official server rules for CastiaMC.
Not following these rules may lead into a permanent server ban.
  • One player, one account.
    • Do not use alt accounts.
    • Do not allow other people to access your account on the server. You are responsible for any actions done on your account.
  • No griefing in any world.
    • If you did not place it, do not break it or add to it without permission.
    • Do not build or destroy within 5 chunks (80 blocks) of another player’s build without permission.
    • Do not destroy or deface the environment of the main world except for building purposes. To mine or gather resources, go to /warp resource.
  • Play fair.
    • Do not xray or use any hacks/unapproved mods/scripts. See the list below for approved mods. If you would like to use a mod/script/macro that is not on the list, contact a staff member so it can be reviewed.
    • Honor verbal agreements with other players, as long as the agreement does not violate other stated server rules.
    • Return items dropped (via mob death, PVP, mob drops, or accidents) to the original owners unless both parties agree otherwise.
    • Do not scam in trades, auctions, or other transactions. Do not attempt to get people to pay more than an item is worth, via start price, bid interval, renamed/fake item, etc.
    • Do not exploit glitches.
    • No AFK-able/auto farms or machines. (If it CAN operate/kill/break/etc without you directly and actively interacting with it, do not build it).
      • This includes riding in a minecart to harvest crops, autofishing, and autoclickers.
      • If you are not sure, consult a staff member about whether a machine is allowed.
    • 150 hoppers per player, 75 per machine, 75 within a 5 chunk radius.
    • No TP killing, trap killing, kill stealing, or killing outside PVP zones without prior warning.
      • Do not...
First of all, thank you everyone for your patience and understanding as we get everything back to normal! Now that fixing everyone's jobs and towns is well underway, we're on to the next task: the Market.

Due to how the plugins covering the area interact, we are unfortunately unable to just restore the market to how it was. Therefore, we going to restore the contents of /warp market chestshops manually for each player.

Please post a thread here with:
- Your IGN
- Your shop number, and
- Your most accurate estimates of what items you lost from your market shop (what it was and how much)

Naskel, SirKillian, BradleyW_ and myself (LadyFrogmouth) will then be able to work with you to crosscheck with what remains of our logs and restore your items as quickly as we can.

Please be as accurate as possible with your reports. Lying or trying to obtain items you did not actually have will not be tolerated.

Again, we are so appreciative of you guys and the wonderful community you make on Castia!