Hello everyone,

Castian Items
Today we will be adding 90+ brand new castian items. What this means is that on top of our current 100 already existing castian items we will be adding an additional 90 items. However, to make these items more interesting we have decided to give some items a custom enchant.
What this means is that items with a custom enchant will of course give a custom bonus. These Enchantments will not be available from the Enchantment table and will only be accessible by getting your hands on one of those castian items. A full list of enchantments can be found with the in-game command /enchantments or /enchants.
+ A HUGE shout out to @TawnyFrogmouth for helping out with the custom items + enchantments!

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We have been working on a new crate system which will hopefully be added soon. In order to apply this new crate system we have to remove our current crate system. With that being said I would like to ask everyone to instantly use the crates they currently receive and use ALL crates you currently have stored. If you don't open all the crates you currently own, they will be lost forever. You'll have roughly a week time to open all your spare crates.(a more in depth post with a date will follow, we will not remove any crates yet! this is just a heads up.)

More stuff
In the last week multiple small things have been changed so I suggest you visit...
Hello all!

Its this time of the year again, Easter! We have some stuff planned so here is whats up:

Easter Event

We have created a very unique event for this holiday. Every 15 minutes you'll have a 25% chance to get an easter egg spawn near your location (eggs do not spawn in the pvp arena or the market, nor do they drop in spawn or resource spawn). This egg looks like a Dragon Egg, and when it spawns you are supposed to right click the egg. This will start an animation that will provide you with 1, out of 5, different items. The drop chance for all items are the same, so this means no item is more rare than another. These are the 5 items you will be able to receive from the dragon egg:
  • Ender Egg - when you throw this egg you will ride it.
  • Eggcited Egg - This will spawn an Easter Bunny that will follow you for 7.5 seconds but then....
  • Easter Liquid - When you drink this, you will have heart particles following you for 25 seconds.
  • Easter Foot - When right clicking this item it will boost you up into the air (you might die from fall damage..you've been warned!)
  • Chocolate Bar - When eating this chocolate bar you will receive a massive Speed & Jumpboost effect. There will also be a 10% chance that your bar will break in 2 pieces. This means you can use the chocolate bar more than once.
Notice! : All of these items have 1 use only (on exception of the Chocolate Bar). Furthermore, attempting to open an egg with an item in your main/offhand will result in it disappearing (blame mojang)!

There will be a special item available to everyone who logs in on Easter Day (Sunday, April 16, 2017).

Easter Sale

There will be a store sale going from friday to monday (April 14, 2017 till April 17, 2017).
More info will be posted on the homepage of our store: store.castiamc.com

New Staff Members
  • AislinStar was promoted to helper.
  • CapnEvan was promoted to Moderator.
  • Jessila was promoted to...
Hello everyone!

Today we are presenting you a brand new feature on the server. That's right, brand new! (and no this is not an april fools prank).

The Mythic Tinker!

The Mythic Tinker is a custom made addon for our Mythicdrops system. You are now able to turn your crappy Mythicdrops into Mythic Dust. Every tier has his own dust type. With this dust you can either upgrade it to a dust from a higher up tier or you can create an Essence. Again, every tier has his own type of Essence. An Essence will give you a brand new mythic item. This means when you use a Runic Essence it will give you a brand new Runic tier item.

Now, you are probably wondering "How do I get these items?". Well, You can now visit the Mythic Tinker in spawn (behind the event hall). There will be a structure block placed inside a small market stall. Right-Click the structure block while holding your Mythicdrop in order to salvage the item and turn it into dust. Please be careful because this action can not be undone. Once you have turned your items into dust you can use the /tinker command. This GUI menu will allow you to either upgrade your dust or turn it into an Essence.

Another little change is the "Legendary Tokens" will no longer drop from the Wither and Ender Dragon.
They will now drop a Legendary Essence instead, just because it would make more sense.

More stuff

In the last week multiple small things have been changed so I suggest you visit This Page If you want to learn more. On top of that we have reset the ResourceWorld and monthly votes as usual.

(ps. we are turning the server into an Op-Prison Faction server)