Hello everyone

Today I got a great update for everyone who likes to grind jobs!
You can finally go above and beyond with your grinding by activating huge boosts for yourself or for the entire server!


To begin with, we have fixed and reenabled the job boost you can get from voting! If you can reach 130 votes in a single month, you'll unlock a week long job boost of 5% for all your jobs, both experience and money. You can check the amount of votes you have by using /vote

You can now also buy personal and global boosts in the store! There is a personal boost for 2 hours giving you 30% boost, there is also another boost available for 50% lasting 2 hours but is also completely global, meaning all players on either classic or greek will receive it!
All boosts bought in the store will stack with eachother! Meaning you can end up with crazy boosts if you work together and stack the global boosts.

I hope you like this update, happy grinding!
Hello all,

I never thought I would make this post but I guess time changes.

First off, I would like to say that when naskel and myself created this server I never expected it to become this succesful! We have proven that what we created is a very liked place to be and play minecraft with others.
I'm extremely proud of what we reached in the past 16 months of creating this place. There is no better feeling of having 100's of players enjoying what you created. I thoroughly appreciate every single one of you for playing on the server and help growing the community.
But sadly, this chapter ends here for me. As of today I will be stepping down from my Owner position. I feel like its time for me to start to discover new things and/or start new projects.

This should not affect anything related to the server on its own. I'm sure the current staff team will be doing just fine without me.
Feel free to add me on discord if you want to keep in touch. I might get on here and there to see whatsup.

I hope you guys understand my reasoning.

Thanks and peace out nerds.
Hello friends,

The Summer event has finally arrived! We have worked really hard to create a unique event with an epic build!
To start the event you can walk trough the big gate in spawn (behind /spawn in Classic Dimension & in the event hall on the Greek Dimension). But, be careful! Upon walking trough this gate you will be exposed to various monsters that will try and kill you. Your goal is to kill these monsters and, receiving "tokens" for every one you kill, these tokens are virtual, and not tradeable nor droppable. You can use the /tokens command to check how many tokens you currently have. Note that keepinv is on within the event grounds.


To claim awesome rewards using these tokens, you can use the command /summer, this will bring up a GUI listing all possible rewards that you may redeem your summer tokens into. You may redeem your summer tokens into one of these custom items. Each summer item will provide a 5% job boost to both money, and EXP, associated with its specific job. BUT, please note that you can only purchase 1 job booster! And this applies to both servers. Once you have purchased a job booster, on either server, you will not be able to purchase another one on the other server (You may only redeem one summer item, on either Greek, or Classic). The items on the bottom row can be purchased multiple times. 1 Job Boost item on EITHER server


The event will be live till August 21st.

This event was made by the brand new Content team!
Are you a good builder or have a creative mind and want to help with upcoming events?
This is possible! The Content team is recruiting, Apply today!
Content team applications:...