Hello everyone

This is an update with a little bit of everything, including some long sought after perk we had to remove a while ago due to bugs.

They are finally back! We believe to have resolved all the bugs we experienced last time we had cosmetics so we have re-added them to the premium ranks, along with a few new particles and other fun stuff.
You can use them by doing /cosmetic and pick the ones you want to use. Keep in mind that they're only for the premium ranks at the moment.

Job Perks
The last few perks have been decided and added to the server! All jobs now have at least 1 perk for level 25, 50 and 75. We have also changed a few of the existing job perks.

Lumberjack have gotten two new perks. For level 50, Lumberjacks can now climb all logs just like a ladder! For level 75, Lumberjacks will now be completely immune to fall damage.

Hunter have had their /near perk replaced with /absorption which gives you 2 gold hearts which refresh every 60 seconds. With that, /near have been added to Journeyman/Warrior.

Similarly, the level 25 perk for Miner /nightvision have been replaced by /haste which gives you a permanent haste II effect. /Nightvision have been added to Master/Manticore.

Farmer also have a level 75 perk now. Automatic replanting no longer requires any seeds. This will likely affect payouts for the better but we have decided not to change the numbers preemptively but will monitor the situation closely.

Jobs Rebalance
We have given Lumberjack a complete overhaul. Along with the new perks, we have disabled payouts from Treefeller but in turn, increased the payouts by over 50% overall. Using high efficiency tools and optimized farms for regular tree chopping, you will now be able to hit the target payout similar to other jobs.
Lumberjacks also get paid for chopping down the custom trees on greek now.


Hello everyone
The Christmas and New Years cleaning is behind us and today we are bringing you a great update with a ton of new features! Both completely new mechanics and also some long awaiting job perks!

Player Banks
As a new feature, we have added player banks. They're very similar to town banks, allowing players to deposit and withdraw money. The key difference between player and town banks is that player banks are completely individual to each player.
Player banks allows you to safely store your money in other to avoid overspending. For example this can be used for your market shops so you don't end up losing all your money if your shop have some very favorable trades.
In order to use the bank, simply use /bank deposit and /bank withdraw
Your bank balance can be seen along with your regular balance if you type /bal
Your total balance which include both your bank and regular balance is also shown on /baltop

Jobs Perks
This has been long time coming but we have finally developed a balanced set of perks to some of the jobs that are missing perks.
- New lvl 25 perk for Digger. Added a chance of dropping common dust from digging.
- New lvl 50 perk for Digger. Added a chance of dropping Exquisite dust from digging.
- New lvl 75 perk for Digger. Added a chance of dropping Castian dust from digging.
- New lvl 75 perk for Digger. Added a chance of dropping wither skulls from digging.
- New lvl 75 perk for Digger. Added a chance of dropping Ghast tears from digging.

- New lvl 25 perk for Lumberjack. Increased chance of dropping apples when breaking leaves.
- New lvl 50 perk for Lumberjack. Added chance of dropping golden apples when breaking leaves.
We still haven't found an ideal level 75 lumberjack perk but I can assure you it's something of high priority for us to add. If you have...

Merry Christmas everyone!

The long anticipated Christmas update has arrived. Along with our amazing content team we have prepared a new Christmas Event for you all to enjoy. The event will require teamwork and can't be done solo and there will be rewards for both passive and active participating players!

How do I play in the event?
The first part you'll need is a key. The keys are randomly dropped whenever you grind your job. For example if you're a miner, whenever you mine stone or ores, there is a chance a key will drop. You can only get keys from grinding your own jobs.
Once you've collected a key, you need to team up with at least 4 other players that also has a key.
Together you can can go to /warp event and use your keys in the keyholes.
Once all 5 keyholes are active, everyone at the /warp event will be teleported into the boss arena where you have to fight the Grinch and his evil minions.
Once you have defeated the Grinch, everyone who on the server will get awarded with credits and those who took an active part in killing the boss gets an extra amount of credits.
However! The boss fight is tricky. The Grinch has 3 different stages with special abilities and grows stronger every time you defeat him.
If you fail to kill the Grinch, you don't get any rewards and will have to activate the boss fight with new keys.

What can I get from the event?
Other than the great fun of grinding and boss killing there are also epic items you can purchase with the credits awarded from killing the Grinch. There are unique cosmetic items that you can use as collectibles and items that when used, gives you a money and experience boost for your jobs.
You can see all the possible items at /creditshop - Please note that you can only purchase one job boost item in total across both Classic and Greek.

The event will last until Dec. 29th

Event FAQ
How do you get to the event?
A: Use the...