Hello Castians!

Emperor Rank


Today we have introduced a brand new premium rank called Emperor. It will be a new top tier rank and is now available in our shop at store.castiamc.com. The rank also comes a brand new set of cosmetic perks which have replaced all our current trails.
Depending on your rank you can now access new cosmetic perks, you can see all the available perks by using /cosmetics
A full list of Emperor perks can be seen below and in the store description.
  • Emperor Chat Prefix
  • 50 Homes /sethome
  • 8 Private Vaults
  • Toggle weather /pweather
  • Colorful nicknames /nick
  • Portable workbench /craft
  • Enderchest anywhere /ec
  • Silktouch spawners
  • Change the time for yourself /ptime
  • Access to /glow (glowing effect)
  • 30% MCMMO Experience bonus
  • Coloured name in TAB
  • Keep Inventory on death
  • Deathless Particles
  • NyanCat Pet
  • IceBlaster Gadget

Job Rebalance
You’ve probably heard rumors by now about the big jobs rebalancing and overhaul that we’ve been working on. We’ve done extensive testing, and a lot of math, trying to figure out how to make all of the jobs be— and stay— balanced and fair.

The new economy system follows a few basic ideas:
- All jobs make the same amount
- All jobs level at the same rate

To accomplish this, we’ve changed a few kind of fundamental things. It will take some adjustment, but we think that in the long run this will be better for the community.

One big part of this is just your average nerfs and buffs to payouts. Some jobs were making way below our target of $100k/hour at level 50, and some were making way above it.

The biggest change, however, is that job payouts now take “commodity” prices...
Hello Friends,

This is a small update on some stuff that happened last couple of days.

Farmer job:
We have lowered crop payments for the farmer job to balance the economy a little better.
We have also raised the payments for sugarcane and changed autoreplant perk from level 75 to level 25.
A new level 75 perk will be determined at a later stage.

Valentine's day:
We do not have a huge event planned for Valentine's day, but I highly suggest that you simply login on Valentine's Day.
There will be a free reward for everyone that logs in between February 13 and February 15.

A few quick notes I want to mention:
  • MajinLanah is no longer a part of the staff team. We thank her for the time she spent helping the server and community!
  • There is a new Trophy system on the website. (more info click here)
  • The cooldown for /feed has been lowered from 20 minutes to 3 minutes.
Hello fellow Castians!

Bringing you a small and first 2017 update post :)

Version Update:
We have now updated to 1.11.2


We are constantly trying to think of ways to make Castia better and improve the overall player experience. Sometimes that means introducing new things (stay tuned!), and sometimes that means changing things, even if it’s not the most popular change.

After much consideration, we’ve decided to implement hopper limits in order to reduce lag. Hoppers have been the major source of TPS lag lately, and we feel this is the best way to stop that from happening.

The new hopper rules are:
• 150 hoppers per player in total
• 75 hoppers per machine
• 75 hoppers within a 5-chunk radius (one hopper machine must be more than 5 chunks away from the next closest machine).

We understand that this is a very big change for some of you, and adjusting your builds to these new rules might take time. You will have one week before we start enforcing this new rule, to give you time to take down or redesign existing large hopper structures. Please try to finish this by 8 February 2017.

After that date, if you are found to have a machine with more than 75 hoppers, too many hoppers close together, or more than 150 hoppers total:
• You will first be asked to take the machine down
• If you do not comply, you will receive a tempban and a staff member will remove the machine; the server will not be responsible for materials lost during this process.
• If you still do not comply, you will be permanently banned.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with this new policy. Please contact staff if you have questions.

Small fixes:

  • Deathmessages have been disabled in the pvp arena due to spamming messages.
  • We have have also reset the resource world due to being the 1st of the month.
  • /vote, /rewards, /votetop and the vote reminder have been overhauled and have a...