Hello everyone! Today we are bringing you a spooky update with lots of great additions!

The Halloween Event - The SS Itasca
This update haven't been possible without our great content team, they have worked very hard getting this event ready for all of you. If you would like to be part of the content team, you can apply here

Local legend tells of a witch doctor denied passage aboard the SS Itasca by its captain. Angered by the captain's refusal, the witch doctor placed a curse on those on board during its maiden voyage. Both passengers and crew were never seen again, and the steamboat itself vanished from existence. Lately there have been sightings of the cursed ship, seemingly abandoned and unmanned, yet drifting down the river toward an unknown destination. Rumors have been circulating concerning the treasure the ship was supposedly carrying on its ill-fated first voyage, and eager to make a name for yourself, you have managed to hop on board the ship...As a town begins to emerge from the fog, a voice whispers in your ear: "With right hand find the lanterns lit, undo the curse with every hit."

Find the jack-o-lanterns. Kill the fiends that emerge. Collect souls and cash them in at the trick-or-treat crate to receive your reward. You can buy unlimited Halloween crates and there are plenty of epic rewards but be careful, you can either get lucky... or not so fortunate.
The event is available at /warp event and lasts until November 5th - You can use /souls too see your amount of souls and /soulshop to buy the crate.

Job Booster Update
We are extremely happy to see so many of you are enjoying the new job boosters and are generously buying them for the entire server to enjoy. Sadly the overjoy of boosters...
Hello everyone

Today I would like to welcome our latest addition to the staff team. @Gruaige will be joining us with in a new rank, Manager. As the rank tells, he will help manage the server along with me and the rest of the staff team. Manager is a rank between admin and owner and he will help with overall things on the server.
I hope you can give him a warm welcome and show him some Castia love. He is a great guy with lots of experience and he even made a introduction post here.

Let me know if you have any questions
Happy grinding,

Hello everyone

Today I got a great update for everyone who likes to grind jobs!
You can finally go above and beyond with your grinding by activating huge boosts for yourself or for the entire server!


To begin with, we have fixed and reenabled the job boost you can get from voting! If you can reach 130 votes in a single month, you'll unlock a week long job boost of 5% for all your jobs, both experience and money. You can check the amount of votes you have by using /vote

You can now also buy personal and global boosts in the store! There is a personal boost for 2 hours giving you 30% boost, there is also another boost available for 50% lasting 2 hours but is also completely global, meaning all players on either classic or greek will receive it!
All boosts bought in the store will stack with eachother! Meaning you can end up with crazy boosts if you work together and stack the global boosts.

I hope you like this update, happy grinding!