Hello everyone

Two days ago we unveiled a huge update that added an entire new dimension to Castia, doubling our capacity and allowed existing players as well as new players to get a fresh start and be on equal footing.
We have received a great deal of feedback and it's very appreciated. We are actively working on implementing improvements to Castia and that's why we have decided to do the following changes.

At our initial release we announced a new level cap and scaling for jobs on Greek. At the time leading up and on the release of the new dimension we thought this was a good way to make server differentiate for Classic while still keeping the core values of Castia the same across the dimensions. Sadly however we didn't implement it correctly and only realized our mistake too late causing a lot of players to have incorrect job levels and required experience to level up. This resulted in some players being able to level up their jobs much quicker than others which is obviously not fair.
We have since then reflected on this decision and decided to change the level cap and scaling to match the same payouts as Classic. There are multiple benefits to this, one major part is that we have already done thorough testing of the jobs on Classic making sure none of the jobs are overly imbalanced compared to each other. There is however once change we have made in comparison to jobs payouts on Classic. The builder job payouts have been reduced as the job doesn't require any high-end tools, as a result it's imbalanced in comparison to the other jobs. The payouts of builder will be increased again once the server have grown and economy is more stable.
Because of the change in level cap and scaling, and the unfair leveling for a majority of the players we have decided to reset everyone jobs stats. We are fully aware that a lot of you have already spent a great amount of time grinding job levels, despite the server...

Today is a great day! Exactly 1 year ago, Killian and I published Castia and we have been running smoothly ever since. We are very impressed by how much the community has grown and are looking to the many years to come. Thank you all who have been part of making Castia this great, we hope to see you the next year as well.

The Great Expansion
Lately we've had a very large influx in players but sadly not had the infrastructure required to sustain it. Since then we have been working hard at providing the infrastructure necessary to make sure everyone can play.
That's why today, we have added an entire new dimension.

Castia is now divided into two dimensions. There will be a classic dimension and a greek dimension. The classic dimension is simply the server you already know and you can play there just like before.
The new greek dimension is a completely fresh start. When joining the server, you can do /server greek to join the greek dimension.
It's very similar to classic in terms of gameplay but does offer some noticable changes. Here is a compiled list of the major differences;
Custom Terrain
The greek dimension have all custom terrain in the main world for you to enjoy. Similar to Classic, there is also a resource world with vanilla terrain.

The Greek dimension offers the same jobs but the max level is 100 as opposed to 75 on Classic. Scaling is slightly adjusted to account for this to avoid too large payout gaps.

Custom Items
The Greek Dimension also have it's own set of custom items for you to find. There is over 90 custom items already!

There also ingame rankups available but they all have new names to fit the greek theme.

Hello everyone,

New Crate System

As mentioned in the previous post we have been working on a brand new crate system.
This new system will allow players to open crates in a more efficient way. And no longer broadcast when someone opens a crate. Another big change is that from now on the promotion crates now have a tier. There is 3 tiers in total:
  • Tier I - Traveler -> Apprentice
  • Tier II - Apprentice -> Earl
  • Tier III - Earl -> Sovereign

You might be asking “what is this, and what does it do”. Its simple, more expensive /rankups will give a higher tier, higher tier means better loot. This was a popular suggestion on the forums and we gladly implemented this into our new crate overhaul. Besides that we have tweaked a few rewards here and there on the vote and treasure crate.
There will be a temporarily crate which allows you to use all old crates you had still saved up.


Please use all your old crates because data will be removed soon.

Scheduled Server Maintenance 28/5

Sunday the 28/5, we are redoing our backend systems and during that, we have to take the server offline to ensure no loss of data. The backend update will start at 11 AM (GMT+1) and is expected to last 4-5 hours. We apologize in advance for the downtime but we can assure it will be worth it.

Brand New Logo

We have grown old of our previous logo and replaced it with a brand new fresh logo. A new high quality logo to properly reflect the high quality server ;)