Merry Christmas everyone!

The long anticipated Christmas update has arrived. Along with our amazing content team we have prepared a new Christmas Event for you all to enjoy. The event will require teamwork and can't be done solo and there will be rewards for both passive and active participating players!

How do I play in the event?
The first part you'll need is a key. The keys are randomly dropped whenever you grind your job. For example if you're a miner, whenever you mine stone or ores, there is a chance a key will drop. You can only get keys from grinding your own jobs.
Once you've collected a key, you need to team up with at least 4 other players that also has a key.
Together you can can go to /warp event and use your keys in the keyholes.
Once all 5 keyholes are active, everyone at the /warp event will be teleported into the boss arena where you have to fight the Grinch and his evil minions.
Once you have defeated the Grinch, everyone who on the server will get awarded with credits and those who took an active part in killing the boss gets an extra amount of credits.
However! The boss fight is tricky. The Grinch has 3 different stages with special abilities and grows stronger every time you defeat him.
If you fail to kill the Grinch, you don't get any rewards and will have to activate the boss fight with new keys.

What can I get from the event?
Other than the great fun of grinding and boss killing there are also epic items you can purchase with the credits awarded from killing the Grinch. There are unique cosmetic items that you can use as collectibles and items that when used, gives you a money and experience boost for your jobs.
You can see all the possible items at /creditshop - Please note that you can only purchase one job boost item in total across both Classic and Greek.

The event will last until Dec. 29th

Event FAQ
How do you get to the event?
A: Use the...
Hello everyone

December is upon us and Christmas is nearing... Or is it? The Grinch is quickly approaching and is trying to foil Christmas! Ready yourselves, he is coming soon.

In the event you will be able to get your hands on the following items;
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[​IMG] [​IMG]

Treasure Crates
We have improved the treasure crate loot by decreasing the chances of getting money and mcmmo credits and adding a ton of new rewards to the crate. Additionally we have also increased the money you can get to better match the economy on the server.
  • $15.000
  • $25.000
  • $50.000
  • 100 MCMMO Credits
  • Mending Scroll
  • Reinforcement Scroll
  • Cow Spawner
  • Pig Spawner
  • Castian Essence
  • 4 Ghast Tears
  • 3 Legendary Essence
  • 64 Diamond Ore
  • 10% Personal Job Boost for 2 hours
The price is still same and can be purchased at store.castiamc.com

Happy holidays, stay tuned for the next holiday update!
Hello everyone! Today we are bringing you a spooky update with lots of great additions!

The Halloween Event - The SS Itasca
This update haven't been possible without our great content team, they have worked very hard getting this event ready for all of you. If you would like to be part of the content team, you can apply here

Local legend tells of a witch doctor denied passage aboard the SS Itasca by its captain. Angered by the captain's refusal, the witch doctor placed a curse on those on board during its maiden voyage. Both passengers and crew were never seen again, and the steamboat itself vanished from existence. Lately there have been sightings of the cursed ship, seemingly abandoned and unmanned, yet drifting down the river toward an unknown destination. Rumors have been circulating concerning the treasure the ship was supposedly carrying on its ill-fated first voyage, and eager to make a name for yourself, you have managed to hop on board the ship...As a town begins to emerge from the fog, a voice whispers in your ear: "With right hand find the lanterns lit, undo the curse with every hit."

Find the jack-o-lanterns. Kill the fiends that emerge. Collect souls and cash them in at the trick-or-treat crate to receive your reward. You can buy unlimited Halloween crates and there are plenty of epic rewards but be careful, you can either get lucky... or not so fortunate.
The event is available at /warp event and lasts until November 5th - You can use /souls too see your amount of souls and /soulshop to buy the crate.

Job Booster Update
We are extremely happy to see so many of you are enjoying the new job boosters and are generously buying them for the entire server to enjoy. Sadly the overjoy of boosters...