April 2024 Recap

March has been a pretty calm month for the server. There haven't been a lot of big changes but we have been planning for stuff behind the scenes. With your help and the recent poll, we have a pretty good idea of what to focus on going forward.

April 2024 Recap

Hello everyone! We are back again with another recap.

March has been another pretty calm month for the server. There haven't been a lot of changes but we are still planning stuff for the future. We are still focussing on our recent poll's most upvoted items.

Build Contest

A couple of days ago, we announced a build contest. The goal is to make a stunning treehouse! You'll have up to May 6th to submit your entries in the #build-contest channel on our Discord server.

What do you think about the event, should we do build contests more often?
Let us know on Discord!

Sovereign Club

Sadly, no one made it to Sovereign this month. Do you know who will be the next person to reach this goal?

Town Updates

All players together are currently maintaining 468 unique towns with 21,882 chunks claimed. That's 27 towns less than last month! Additionally, a total of $150,126,888 is currently being held in all town banks combined. That is 8.7% more than last month.

Here are some of the towns we would like to show off:

Town DDs Empire
Town of Armada
Town of Zeg Maar Town

What's Next?

Coming to the server soon:

These are new features that we have planned for the near future. However, we don't want to make any promises. These are our goals and we will try our best.

  • Work on the new Jobs/Skills plugin
  • Work on the new ChestShop plugin

We want to thank everyone who's been a part of April and we hope to see you again during April!