December 2023 Recap

We hope everyone had an amazing 2023 and we wish everyone a happy 2024. Let's take a look at how things have been going so far.

December 2023 Recap

Hello everyone! The final month of the year is finally over.

We hope everyone had an amazing 2023 and we wish everyone a happy 2024.
Let's take a look at how things have been going so far.


Let's take a look at how things have been going this season. We have reached an amazing milestone of over 16,500 unique players. But what's even more impressive are some of the amazing achievements you have achieved together.

All players combined have a total of 214,605 hours of playtime.

Good job to everyone who went mining. You mined a total of 370,408,210 blocks.
You gathered 101,465,921 Stone along with the following;

  • 3,986,360 Coal
  • 3,232,554 Copper
  • 2,819,052 Iron
  • 850,500 Gold
  • 547,290 Redstone
  • 337,047 Diamond
  • 344,186 Lapis
  • 11,519 Emerald

However, Farmers also did a good job. You harvested;

  • 15,944,585 Potatoes
  • 9,905,269 Pumpkins
  • 8,739,708 Wheat
  • 8,691,819 Melon
  • 7,374,742 Sugar Cane
  • 3,178,276 Beetroots
  • 1,926,306 Carrots
  • 1,473,984 Nether Warts

To achieve all that, you walked 427,799,825 blocks. Quite impressive.

Whoever went fishing didn't have to walk that much. But, you still managed to fish a total of 1,379,885 fish and that's not counting the 617 Tropical fish you scooped up out of the ocean. However, perhaps they contributed to the 17,760,583 blocks of swimming.

Hunters also did stuff! You killed a total of 82,728,094 mobs However, Perhaps not enough because people have died a total of 32,678 times. 2,740 of those happened during pvp.

The most popular used spawn egg was the Mooshroom Cow one with 1,633 Cows being spawned back into the world. But sadly the Zombified Piglin had less luck and only came in with a sad 5 uses.

To store all the goodies you gathered you;

  • Opened 5,441,927 Chest
  • Opened 651,467 Shulker Boxes
  • Opened 627,058 Barrels
  • Opened 198,470 Ender Chest

The top 3 most crafted items were:

  1. 17,067,298 Raw Copper
  2. 5,180,054 Bone Meal
  3. 4,832,974 Wheat

Last but not least. You sent over 1,777,445 Chat messages and an additional 223,070 Private DMs. You also voted over 150,000 times for the server on multiple different voting websites.

Sovereign Club

Charlotella has now joined the Sovereign club, for a total of 4 members. Congrats! Who do you think is going to be the next person to reach Sovereign rank?

Town Updates

All players together are currently maintaining 484 unique towns with 18,304 chunks claimed. That's 26 towns more than last month! Additionally, a total of $109,418,638 is currently being held in all town banks combined. That is 7.3% more than last month.

Here are some of the towns we would like to show off:

Town of Middle Earth
Town of Market
Town of East Hallow

Thank you!

We will try to do even better in this upcoming year. Thank you once again to everyone participating in making 2023 an amazing year! We hope to see you around again in 2024.