October 2023 Recap

It's been yet another month. Today we are looking back at the month of October and telling you about our future plans.

October 2023 Recap

Starting off this recap with us taking some accountability. We have been dropping the ball on updates in the past few weeks. For the 3rd time in a row, we have failed to deliver the new quests overhaul as promised. Additionally, we ran out of development time for our actual Halloween event. This made it so we had to release a way smaller event. This wasn't our original plan so we had to make it in the last possible moment in order for everyone to have at least some sort of event.

There are no excuses for this. Going forward we simply must do better.

Super Scary Phantoms

The small and unexpected phantom event was a success. A total of over 7,500 Phantoms were killed during the event. Let us know what you think about this event on our Discord server.

Unique Players Milestone

After 3 months we have reached an amazing milestone of 10,000 unique players.

More Milestones

After trashpanda58 became the very first player to reach the Sovereign rank, brut_warst has now joined the Sovereign club. Congrats to both!

Town Updates

All players together are currently maintaining 368 unique towns and almost 13,500 chunks have been claimed. Additionally, a total of $78,668,844 is currently being held in all town banks combined. That is 5% less than last month.

Here are some of the towns we would like to show off:

Town of Frasers Ridge
Town of Laos
Town of Yoju

What's Next?

Coming to the server in the near future:

These are new features that we have planned for the near future. However, we don't want to make any promises. These are our goals and we will try our best.

  • Launch the new overhauled quest system
  • Changes and fixes to the land claim plugin:
    • We are currently exploring the idea of individual plot perms but these need proper planning. We have a good idea of how this will work but we are unsure how long development on this will take.
  • Clean up multiple smaller bugs on the bug tracker
  • Go over every single suggestion on Discord, clean up the channel and implement what is approved.

We want to thank everyone that's been a part of October and we hope to see you again during the month of November!