Hello everyone!

Today we are going to be starting our first Discord Emoji Competition.
This allows the community to decide on which emojis will be added to our discord server.
The proposed Emoji with the most amount of likes will be added to our discord after a 7 day period. However, if the most liked Emoji breaks the rules below or is simply incompatible with our server theme, we may add the 2nd most liked proposed emoji instead. We have the discretion to choose not to add an emoji if we believe it is of poor quality.
These are our current emojis.

Rules for Submitting an Emoji:

  • Your proposed Emoji must follow the official server rules (1),(2). This means no explicit, hateful, political, religious, or otherwise inappropriate/controversial material.​
  • Your proposed Emoji cannot just be a picture of your skin, and it should not be anything that overtly endorses any single person/town/nation.​
  • Your proposed Emoji cannot be any rude targets toward any player, town, nation, server, etc.​
  • Your proposed Emoji must be minecraft or castia related (this can be about the forums, discord, or ingame, or castia memes/well-known jokes as long as it is clearly castia related)​
  • You can only submit one emoji.​
  • Your proposed Emoji must be 128x128 in pixel dimensions and must be under 256kb in size.​
We will remove/disqualify any proposed emoji that does not align with these rules. If you want to add an emoji and you're not sure...
Today we have made some changes to the Castia store! We have re-added boosters to the towny shop, and updated the long out-dated Treasure and Legendary Crates! Their loot has been more than doubled and now align with the server economies much better.


The global boosters come in two forms. 10% for 2 hours global, and 5% for 2 hours global! We hope everyone enjoys the grinding. Keep in mind boosters are server-specific!

Revamped Treasure Crate Rewards:
  • $50.000
  • $75.000
  • $100.000
  • 100 MCMMO Credits
  • 3x Mending Scroll
  • 3x Reinforcement Scroll
  • 2x Cow Spawner
  • 2x Pig Spawner
  • Castian Essence
  • 32 Ghast Tears
  • 5 Legendary Essence
  • 64 Diamond Blocks
  • 4 x Shulker Shells
  • 10% Personal Job Boost for 2 hours (The chance for this has been doubled!)
Revamped Legendary Crate Rewards:
  • $100.000
  • $125.000
  • $150.000
  • 1 Castian Essence
  • 15 Legendary Essence
  • 64 End Crystals
  • 5 Castian Dust
  • 10% Global Job Booster for 2 Hours (The chance for this has been doubled!)
  • 6 Shulker Shells
  • 30 Wither Skulls
  • 200 Mcmmo Credits
  • 1 Lucky Castian Dust

In other news:
  • Fixed a bug on demonic that prevented players from using /friends
  • Nation spawns are now a feature on towny!
  • Added [shop#] similar to [item] to allow players to teleport to your shop by clicking your chat message!
  • New pvp arena for skyblock. Go there with /warp pvp
  • Progress on summer event!
This update we have achievements and cosmetics for towny, and a bunch of bug fixes for towny and skyblock!
Work together or with your friends to complete all the achievements and unlock the 4th job!

To open the achievements menu on towny, type /achievements. You can view all the achievements and their rewards as well as claim your rewards once you have completed the achievement!

Cosmetics have come back to towny, bug free! Many cosmetics are from the donator ranks, but you can also earn cosmetics through achievements. To open the cosmetics menu, type /cosmetics in-game!

We also have some other changes:

  • Updated positions and holograms for the servers.
  • Fixed job booster items
  • Fixed activateable job boosters
  • Custom foods now pay the cook job
  • Fixed a bug where monarchs couldnt craft tier I food.
  • Fixed /climb for lumberjacks
  • Stone bricks and quartz were added to builder payout as intended
  • All trapdoors can now be locked on medieval
  • Fixed a bug that caused slow medieval restarts
  • Shovels can now be tinkered
  • Golden apples and dragons breath now pay alchemists as intended
  • Breaking netherwarts now pays alchemists as intended
  • /Shoptools has been added to medieval.
  • Fixed a bug that caused minions to not be upgradeable with shards
  • Fixed a bug where skyblock crates would spam an error in chat
  • Vote crates on skyblock are now far faster to open

More content will be coming for skyblock in the near future, now that towny is in a better place. Stay tuned!
Thanks everyone!