This update we have achievements and cosmetics for towny, and a bunch of bug fixes for towny and skyblock!
Work together or with your friends to complete all the achievements and unlock the 4th job!

To open the achievements menu on towny, type /achievements. You can view all the achievements and their rewards as well as claim your rewards once you have completed the achievement!

Cosmetics have come back to towny, bug free! Many cosmetics are from the donator ranks, but you can also earn cosmetics through achievements. To open the cosmetics menu, type /cosmetics in-game!

We also have some other changes:

  • Updated positions and holograms for the servers.
  • Fixed job booster items
  • Fixed activateable job boosters
  • Custom foods now pay the cook job
  • Fixed a bug where monarchs couldnt craft tier I food.
  • Fixed /climb for lumberjacks
  • Stone bricks and quartz were added to builder payout as intended
  • All trapdoors can now be locked on medieval
  • Fixed a bug that caused slow medieval restarts
  • Shovels can now be tinkered
  • Golden apples and dragons breath now pay alchemists as intended
  • Breaking netherwarts now pays alchemists as intended
  • /Shoptools has been added to medieval.
  • Fixed a bug that caused minions to not be upgradeable with shards
  • Fixed a bug where skyblock crates would spam an error in chat
  • Vote crates on skyblock are now far faster to open

More content will be coming for skyblock in the near future, now that towny is in a better place. Stay tuned!
Thanks everyone!
It's time for another build contest!

This time, we're entering the world of Fantasy! Build with or without a friend, in a 101x101 sized plot in creative mode! We are excited to see what everyone builds.

You can enter the build contest by typing /server contest or by typing /server and clicking the new build contest icon!

The build contest ends May 31st!
Winners will be announced shortly after.

  • Only one entry per player
  • Maximum 2 players per entry
  • Do not copy existing builds
  • Do not use schematica or litematica
  • Do not build anything inappropriate.
There are epic prizes to win if you finish in the top 3.

1st place
  • 8% Unique Job Booster of your choice on towny
  • $2.500.000 for a towny realm of your choice
  • 250 Castian Shards for skyblock
2nd place
  • 5% Unique Job Booster of your choice on towny
  • $1,000.000 for a towny realm of your choice
  • 150 Castian Shards for skyblock
3rd place
  • 3% Unique Job Booster of your choice on towny
  • $500.000 for a towny realm of your choice
  • 75 Castian Shards for skyblock

Have a fun time, on behalf of the content team!
Today we have a long anticipated update! We overhauled job perks and rebalanced some jobs on towny.
Below is a list of changes!

  • New level 75 perk - Teleport Pads (No Limit, Cross World supported!) More information below!
  • Added dirt, and re-added all colored wool, all concrete, all stained glass, and wood planks to builder.
  • 10% Experience Increase
  • New level 25 perk - Double Pickaxe Durability
  • 20% Pay and Experience Increase
  • Now receives experience for smelting sand into glass
  • New level 25 perk - Double Shovel Durability
  • New level 25 perk - Double Armor Durability
  • Added kelp to farmer
  • Nerfed cocoa beans by 50%
  • Cocoa beans now auto replant with mcmmo herbalism
  • The ender dragon now drops a Soul Gem, which is used to craft soulbound scrolls as an alchemist!

To create Teleport Pads for builder, place an obsidian or purple glazed terracotta block, and an iron or gold pressure plate above. Then type /linkpads to link two pads together. They can go cross world, and there is no distance limit!

To see the teleport pads in action, click the link below!

In other news:
  • Fixed a bug with using books on tridents
  • Fixed a bug with spawners
  • Fixed /clearprotections crashing the server
  • Fish no longer despawn when towny...