September 2023 Recap

It's been yet another month. Today we are looking back at the month of September and telling you about our October roadmap.

September 2023 Recap

First of all, we would like to apologize for not delivering the new quest system. Our developer took an unexpected but well-deserved break, delaying a fair amount of bug fixes and developing new features. Development should pick up in October again and we will try to catch up and deliver more content.

New Furniture

There was a lot of positive feedback towards the new furniture pieces. After adding the new pieces of furniture to the server, over 1600 pieces of furniture were sold. Totaling over $4.000.000. That's quite impressive!

Relic Contest

The relic contest was a big success. We have received a lot of really cool entries and we are super impressed with everyones pixel art skills. Please allow us some time to judge all entries and make sure we pick the correct winner.

Town Updates

All players together are currently maintaining 332 unique towns and almost 13,000 chunks have been claimed. Additionally, a total of over $83,000,000 is currently being held in all town banks combined. That is almost 50% more than last month.

Here are some of the towns we would like to show off:

Town of Beaumont
Town of Allanon
Town of Springville

What's Next?

We would like to share our roadmap for October.

The regular monthly overhauls:

  • New Quests (because we are still on the old system, this sadly means elite quests have once again reset)
  • Votes are being reset
  • New Resource Worlds

Coming to the server in October:

These are new features that we have planned for the month of October. More info about these will follow shortly.

  • A brand new quest system (hopefully for real this time)
  • Once again, more features to the land claim plugin
  • New Mithril sets
  • Halloween Event
A brand new set coming soon.

We want to thank everyone that's been a part of September and we hope to see you again during the month of October!