November 2023 Recap

November 2023 Recap

Hello everyone! November has been a pretty good month for the server filled with tons of bug fixes. We launched our new quest system and while it still needs further tweaking, we think it has been a great success.

However, it's time to put your Christmas socks on because the holiday season is here! We hope everyone is excited because we have some fun stuff planned.

Unique Players Milestone

After 4 months we have reached an amazing milestone of 14,000 unique players.
We are currently getting over 100 new players every single day. Thank you to everyone who is giving new players a warm welcome.

More Milestones

After trashpanda58 & brut_warst became the two first players to reach the Sovereign rank, sirporkus123 has now joined the Sovereign club. Congrats! Who do you think is going to be the next person to reach Sovereign rank?

Town Updates

All players together are currently maintaining 458 unique towns and almost 16,350 chunks have been claimed. That's 90 towns more than last month! Additionally, a total of $101,953,505 is currently being held in all town banks combined. That is 29.5% more than last month.

Here are some of the towns we would like to show off:

Town of Arcadia
Town of Daylias
Town of Eleria

What's Next?

Coming to the server soon:

These are new features that we have planned for the near future. However, we don't want to make any promises. These are our goals and we will try our best.

  • Decorate our spawn for the holiday season.
  • Launch an Advent Calendar where players receive free goodies in the countdown to Christmas.
  • Have a Christmas Event (more info coming soon)
  • Continue to clean up multiple smaller bugs on the bug tracker. We made great progress past few weeks and we would like to continue this trend until everything is resolved.

We want to thank everyone that's been a part of November and we hope to see you again during December!