Hello everyone

It is time for a new build contest! We have setup an exclusive realm for the build contest where everyone gets their own plot with creative mode to build on.
The theme for the build contest is historical buildings.

You can enter the build contest by typing /server and click on the build contest icon.

The build contest ends December 15th
Winners will be announced shortly after.

  • Only one entry per player
  • Maximum 2 players per entry
  • Do not copy existing builds
  • Do not use schematica
  • Do not build anything inappropriate.

There are epic prizes to win if you finish in the top 3.

1st place
  • $50 coupon for store.castiamc.com
  • $1.000.000 for a towny realm of your choice
  • 250 Castian Shards for skyblock
  • Unique Collectible Trophy

2nd place
  • $25 coupon for store.castiamc.com
  • $500.000 for a towny realm of your choice
  • 150 Castian Shards for skyblock
  • Unique Collectible Trophy
3rd place
  • $10 coupon for store.castiamc.com
  • $250.000 for a towny realm of your choice
  • 75 Castian Shards for skyblock
  • Unique Collectible Trophy

Good luck building!
Hello Castians!


I hope you're ready to find some pumpkins and catch some ghosts because the Castia Halloween Event have arrived!
You can access the event through the pumpkin portals at the spawns on each towny and skyblock server.

Pumpkin Hunt
You start the event by talking to the NPCs at the starting town. Casper will introduce you to the pumpkin hunt where you have to find 50 different pumpkins scattered around the lost forest. The locations of the pumpkin heads are unique to each player meaning even though you might see a pumpkin there, your friend might not.

Secondly there is the grand mansion where plenty of ghosts fly around. You must pickup your ghostbuster gun and catch as many as you can!
You catch a ghost by hitting it several times with your gun. The more players that hit it, the slower it moves and quicker it is caught!
You can track your progress in the left side scoreboard.

Inside the mansion you will find a scoreboard for the top ghostbusters. The top three ghostbusters will receive a gift card to the store.
First prize: $30 Gift card
Second prize: $20 Git card
Third prize: $10 Gift card

There is a global goal that everyone contributes towards. It will require a lot of grinding and teamwork but if you reach it, I can assure you it will be worth it!
Useful commands
Once you have collected hundreds of tokens, you can purchase cosmetics and gear at the /tokenshop
There are both items for towny and skyblock. For towny, there is a special set of castians, giving you unbreaking aura meaning an additional unbreaking effect for the tool you are holding.
Both towny and the skyblock set comes with a cosmetic pumpkin trail!
Everyone can also chose their own nickname using /nick (color codes also work)

Massive shout out to the content team! This event is absolutely amazing and it wouldn't be possible...
Hey everyone!

Halloween is just around the corner and I hope you're ready for spooks and frights. Coming October 20th, an epic event created by our lovely content team, you will be able to explore the spooky tombstown mansion.


Store Sale
We recently had some of our art work in the store updated and we are going to celebrate that by doing a 30% discount on all ranks and rank upgrades and 15% on the rest of the store!
The sale lasts only this weekend! From September 28th and until the end of September 30th!

Map Art Protection
Many of you love to create fancy art work using maps. This is a long and tedious process and therefore it can be annoying if unwanted players are selling copies of your art work.
Today we have added the ability to protect your map art from unwanted copies!
Using /copyright <title_of_map> it will then save your map and only you, as the creator, can create additional copies.
A copyrighted map will look like this,

Feature your items in chat messages
We have upgraded our /show so now you can also showcase your items in all chat channels and private messages using [item] anywhere in your message.
For towny, this also means that you can now showcase your items cross server between towny realms.


We have had lift signs as a builder perk for a while now, however today we are upgrading to elevators!
Elevators are easy to setup, all you need is a redstone block and a note block for each floor you want to create. Elevators have to be directly above each other in order to work. You move up by jumping and move down by using shift while standing on the elevator block.
Example of elevator floor
This does mean you have to replace all your existing lift signs...