Hello everyone

Now the skyblock server is released! You can join the server using /server skyblock or click the Vex in the lobby.​

Skyblock Features
The skyblock server comes with a variety of new features you haven't seen on Towny.
You will be starting on a small island with nearly no resources. You will have create a cobblestone generator to get first started. If you don't know how to create a cobblestone generator you can find a tutorial on it, inside the castle.
Cobblestone generators also have a chance of generating ores. These ores can be used to upgrade your tools, decorate your island or sold to the server shop.
You can start your adventure using /island

One of the major features is Minions. Minions can be used to do automatic grinding for you on your island. There are currently three different types of Minions. Miner, Farmer and Hunter. We will also be adding a Lumberjack Minion in the future.
All minions can also be upgraded to for example extend their reach or fortune upgrade. We will also be adding more upgrades like Autosell in the future.

Another key feature is our custom spawner system. In order to get the top tier spawners, you must first unlock the previous spawners, colllect their skulls and hand them in.
Each skull is also worth money so you will earn plenty of money while grinding towards the top tier spawners.

The economy is also different from what you know on Towny. Instead of a completely player controlled economy with Jobs. The economy utilizes a server shop where you can sell stuff like cobblestone, mob drops and ores.
You can buy and sell items to the server store using /shop.

Launch Sale
To celebrate the launch of the server. We have added a 30% sale on...
Hello everyone

This is more of an announcement than an update, at least for now. It's something I'm extremely excited for and I have been working with our lovely content team for while and now we are ready to announce it!

Until now, Castia has always been Towny, we have only ever had towny and with the recent addition of demonic, we now have three towny servers!
But today, I am very thrilled to announce that we will be adding Skyblock to Castia!
Skyblock is a gamemode where you have limited amount of space and blocks available. You'll be starting with a small floating island with very minimal resources, just enough to make some food and a cobblestone generator and you have to expand using just that.
In true Castia spirit we will also have a ton of custom additions and features that will enhance your experience.

The skyblock server is scheduled to release Saturday, July 28th.
We will be explain more about the exact features of the skyblock server later and the time of the day will also be announced at a later date.


The sky's the limit!

Hey everyone!

Summer has arrived to CastiaMC! Hawaiian beach hotels, scuba diving and jungle adventures is all what it's about for this years Summer Event!

Summer Event
An absolute action packed event with great prizes and adventures ahead. There is plenty to do as well as hidden treasures all over the map!
The main event is all about defeating the evil Kanaloa! Find your way through the deep jungle to the ancient shrine where you must first unlock it by activating the totems!
The keys to unlock the totems are obtained through your jobs. Every time you grind your jobs, there is a chance you get a magical key that can be used in the event. The keys are non transferable.
In order to enter the battle, you need to activate all five totems but you can only activate one at a time. It requires team work, good gear or great skills in order to defeat the Kanaloa!


If you manage to defeat the Kanaloa, everyone who survived and contributed with a key is given 40 tokens! If you helped with the fight but without a key, you're given 15 tokens and if you were online while the battle happened, you're given 5 tokens.
If you used a key and won the fight, you're also added to the leaderboards! The player with the highest score on the leaderboard across all servers at the end of the event wins a $30 coupon to the store!

You can also dive for wonderful treasure hidden in the vast sea! The sea is very huge, expanding hundreds of blocks in width and even further in length! There are plenty of treasures to be found if you have the skill to find them! But be careful! You always need to have enough oxygen to continue diving and if you run out, you have to start over!
Stay close to the green seaweed under water to regain oxygen. You have to wear a diving helmet and no armor at all times. You can get your diving helmet at the dock on...