Hello Castia,

We have heard your voices loud and clear and we will not be removing Atlantis but instead deleting the corrupted Towny Data and putting Atlantis back up with a 3 day grace period where you cannot build/break however you can claim you towns once again.

This grace period will begin on the 15th and go until then end of the 17th to allowed for time for players with towns to re-make and reclaim their towns. Obviously we have accounted for people trying to steal towns so we will have a thread posted where players can comment their usernames, previous town and cords if their town gets claimed by another player.

Those who try to claim others towns will be permanently banned with no chance for appeal so keep that in mind.

With all of that being said to apologize for the Towny Data Reset we would like to start by doing a 1 week 50% off sale starting the 15th along with a Limited Edition Lore Item which will be given out via a kit from the 15th to the 21st.

We will also be fixing all job perks/rewards in our coming Content Update within the next month to two. Thank you all for your continued support and we apologize for the chaos and the entire situation.

Best Regards,
Castia Content Team
Hello everyone

I've been dreading this announcement for a while but it's time.
Some of you might know that I recently graduated from university and about a month ago I also moved into a new apartment. I'm currently applying for jobs to work full time which means I will have very little time for Castia.

Castia has grown into a very big network that's high maintenance and with my little amount of time available, I would only be able to fix a very small part of the total amount bugs and no new features. Not only is that my least favourite activity but it would also not be fair to you as players.
I often have to dedicate my evenings, nights and weekends to the server which is not ideal and not something I can continue with my adult life knocking on the door.

I'm extremely humbled when I look what Castia has become. Back in May 2016 when it all began, the goal was a nice chill community with a steady 30-40 players. This dream goal was quickly exceeded in less than a month and we have been growing ever since. We have had over 250,000 unique player joins which absolutely insane.
The amount of time and energy you guys have put into the community is just amazing. I'm very proud to say that I was part of making Castia. I'm forever thankful to the amazing staff and content team who have poured hundreds of hours into improving and sustaining this community.

However, this is where the journey ends for me. I am stepping down from my position as owner of Castia and will be handing over the title and responsibility to a good friend, Atlas

Atlas is a great guy with over 6 years of experience of managing minecraft servers. I have no doubt in mind that Castia can reach even greater heights with him behind the wheel. I know he has already been in contact with the staff and content team to squish out all the remaining 1.13 and other misc. bugs on the servers.
I will also be sticking around, although mostly in the background, advising Atlas and helping him to ensure a smooth...
Hello everyone

The build contest have ended and the winners have been found! It's been amazing to see what you have all come up with and there has been built some truly amazing built in just under two weeks time.
It's been a close race but the winners are as follows,

The first place goes to JustineQueen00
They have won
  • $50 coupon for store.castiamc.com
  • $1.000.000 for a towny realm of your choice
  • 250 Castian Shards for skyblock
  • Unique Collectible Trophy

Second place goes to EnderGK & captengx

They have won
  • $25 coupon for store.castiamc.com
  • $500.000 for a towny realm of your choice
  • 150 Castian Shards for skyblock
  • Unique Collectible Trophy
Third place goes to Bazz_Drop
They have won
  • $10 coupon for store.castiamc.com
  • $250.000 for a towny realm of your choice
  • 75 Castian Shards for skyblock
  • Unique Collectible Trophy
All winners, please contact me directly on Discord in order to get your prize.
There were also many others amazing builds but sadly only three could win. You can check out all the builds for another few days before we close off the build contest server.

Congratulations to all winners!