Medieval is now upgraded to 1.13! You may still connect with 1.12, although any new blocks or mobs will appear differently. Enjoy new fish, underwater biomes, and a freshly reset 1.13 resource world!

Important Note:
Chest shops with updated item IDs will need their signs updated on medieval manually.

We also have a large amount of bug fixes and improvements!
Here's the list.

  • 1.12-1.14 clients can now connect to all servers.
  • /Server now allows players to write /server [servername]
  • Fixed crash with a towny command
  • Fixed bug relating to changing spawners with eggs
  • /Redeem no longer sends quantity in chat anymore
  • /Discord link has been updated
  • Drowned now pays for hunter
  • Fixed a crash with showcasing HDB heads
  • Fixed wheat payout for farmer on Medieval
  • Fixed a bug where players wouldn't receive some crate rewards.
  • Fixed /chat
  • Fixed /list on Atlantis
  • Fixed wither skeleton skulls dropped from cthonic items
  • Fixed a bug where towny chunks would roll back on unclaim
  • Job boosters can no longer double stack for the same job by holding in hand
  • Job booster system was reworked in the backend
  • Double drops from McMMO are fixed
  • Tree feller is re-enabled for 1.13 servers
  • 1.13 Water mobs and squid spawn rate is now much higher
  • Boing Boing boots are fixed
  • Gold nuggets added to shop
  • Sticks added to shop
  • An issue with a specific crash has been fixed.
  • Spawn trapdoors can no longer be flipped.

Greetings citizens of Castia! Something has hatched on the Lost Easter Islands.
Last year, we helped the Moai people. This year the rabbit infestation has spread to a group of nearby islands!
The citizens of the islands need our help with the infestation and are looking to us for help.

You can visit the islands by typing /easter in-game! Speak to April and Violet to learn how to catch rabbits and to find Easter eggs. If you help them, they will reward you with tokens and generous rewards in the /tokenshop.

The top rabbit catchers and the top egg hunters will receive bonus reward crates at event completion:
  • 1st Place: 3 Reward Crates + Trophy
  • 2nd Place: 2 Reward Crates + Trophy
  • 3rd Place 1 Reward Crate + Trophy
The event runs until April 27th. We hope you have fun and we can help save the islands!
Also give thanks to the lovely content team for creating this event.

In Other News:

We have worked on a multitude of bug fixes and have an update thread including all the improvements!
A special gift may appear while grinding your jobs.