Hey everyone!

Halloween is just around the corner and I hope you're ready for spooks and frights. Coming October 20th, an epic event created by our lovely content team, you will be able to explore the spooky tombstown mansion.


Store Sale
We recently had some of our art work in the store updated and we are going to celebrate that by doing a 30% discount on all ranks and rank upgrades and 15% on the rest of the store!
The sale lasts only this weekend! From September 28th and until the end of September 30th!

Map Art Protection
Many of you love to create fancy art work using maps. This is a long and tedious process and therefore it can be annoying if unwanted players are selling copies of your art work.
Today we have added the ability to protect your map art from unwanted copies!
Using /copyright <title_of_map> it will then save your map and only you, as the creator, can create additional copies.
A copyrighted map will look like this,

Feature your items in chat messages
We have upgraded our /show so now you can also showcase your items in all chat channels and private messages using [item] anywhere in your message.
For towny, this also means that you can now showcase your items cross server between towny realms.


We have had lift signs as a builder perk for a while now, however today we are upgrading to elevators!
Elevators are easy to setup, all you need is a redstone block and a note block for each floor you want to create. Elevators have to be directly above each other in order to work. You move up by jumping and move down by using shift while standing on the elevator block.
Example of elevator floor
This does mean you have to replace all your existing lift signs...
Hello everyone!

Atlantis has arrived! Greek has sunk and Atlantis has come to live. Explore all the riches of 1.13 survival on Atlantis by typing /server and clicking on Atlantis Towny 1.13 or the Atlantis NPC in the lobby.
The 1.13 survival update is currently exclusive to Atlantis for the time being and we don't have any ETA on the update coming for Medieval or Demonic.​


On top of the epic 1.13 features, we have added a ton of new castians, changed up the rankups, reset the resource world and revamped the spawn.​

New Castians
We have added a total of 21 new castians to collection on Atlantis!
Everything from new armor to tridents and turtle shells!
[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

The vote crate have also been slightly updated with the addition of turtle spawn eggs.

The Resource World
To allow all of you to explore the new 1.13 survival content, we have forcibly reset the Resource World ahead of time and you will be able to explore a complete new and fresh 1.13 generated world. Please keep in mind that it is a resource world and that it will reset eventually so don't build your town there.

Happy exploring!

Hello everyone

A few weeks ago, Minecraft version 1.13 was released and today I'm excited to announce that one of our towny servers will be updating to 1.13 very soon.

What does a relaunch mean?
The 1.13 relaunch is a full greek server update to Minecraft version 1.13.
Greek will be renamed to Atlantis which will also add a few new Castian items, such as Castian Tridents and new armor sets.
Additionally some of the rankup names and spawn will be modified to fit the new name, Atlantis, and celebrate the new 1.13 update!
Only the resource world will be reset for the 1.13 Update.
Greek will be update to Atlantis on August 25th

Personally I'm very excited to be exploring the new deep oceans filled with corals, dolphins and turtles. It's an exciting new, fresh start and I hope to see all of you on there!