Hello Friends!

As you know minecraft 1.10 was recently released and we have decided to update the server.
The server will be updated on Sunday, June 26. This means there will be some downtime so we can update this nice and smoothly without breaking anything.

The Server will be closed for public on sunday June 26 from 8am to 11.30am EST!

For the players who are not familiar with 1.10 yet, I suggest to go check it out :)
With this update we will also reset the resource world.

Thanks for reading,

Hello friends,

As you probably noticed the server has been extremely laggy for the past few days.

I understand that the lag is really frustrating but I would highly appreciate if we all stayed calm in the chat and not complain about it 24/7. Its not fun for anyone and it will only frustrate more people if we keep complaining.

Naskel and I are both doing our very best to fix this issue as fast as possible.
We are extremely sorry for all inconvenience and we will make sure the lag will be gone again.
Hello friends!

It has only been a little over 2 weeks since we launched the server and we already had over 1000 unique logins! Which was really unexpected. We are really stoked about that!

We've had both old and new players join and it's been great to see to old friendships flourish on the server. Naskel and I have worked hard to provide you the best experience possible and we are grateful for all your suggestions and feedback.

However we knew from the start we couldn't handle it all on our own. We quickly hired three new staff members to help us with the day to day operation of the server.

@DemiserofD, @LadyFrogmouth and @BradleyWilliams are our new helpers on the server, don't hesitate talking to them, they don't bite :)

Since our launch we have worked on a lot of things and we have a ton of plans for the server. Some of our biggest challenges are optimizing sever performance and server balance (Economy and rare items). These first few weeks we will be try a lot of things to find the best balance for the economy on the server. That means nerfing and buffing jobs, we are open to constructive criticism as we know how important a job can be.

There was one big change to jobs and thats Enderman payments/exp gain for the hunter job.
We have noticed that enderman behavior has changed a lot in minecraft 1.9 and its pretty much extremely easy to level up hunter. We have removed exp gaining from endermans so you wont be able to level up by killing them any longer. Also money payments have been nerfed with %50 to make the economy more balanced, I hope you guys understand.

We also added a brand new market to the server where players can now rent their very own shop. This market is accessible with the command /warp. Besides this player market a pvp-arena is on the way and will most likely be added in the upcomming week :)

We would like to thank every single person who has been supporting the server and we will...