Hello everyone!

For the past few weeks there was a big discussion about which one was better.
Teamspeak or discord?
And because of that naskel and I decided to setup a poll.
Currently we use teamspeak but if it turns out that you people prefer to use discord then we will replace teamspeak by discord. This poll will be open for 7 days and after that a decision will be made.

Please vote fair since this is important for us :)
feel free to explain us why you prefer the one over the other.

Thanks for your time,
Decorative Heads
Today we are bringing you a complete new set of tools to spruce up your builds! Tim The Trader have travelled to Castia and set up shop in our market /spawn! You can find the market behind the two buildings on the right in spawn.

Tim have a huge variety of heads with over 1000 different decorative heads available! You can buy any of them for just $500 ingame money.

We have also completely redone the crate system! Effectively removing any doubt of what reward you received while also adding some cool animations. The keys for the crates will no longer appear in your inventory but directly in the crate. To open a crate, simply click the crate and click on the specific key you want to open.

If you have any questions regarding this update, feel free to ask!

Hello everyone

Today we are bringing you a huge overhaul for job payouts to help balance the economy. The aim to make all jobs earn roughly the same amount of money. It has required a ton of play through manual testing to ensure accurate numbers.

These are the specific changes
Alchemist buffed with 150%
Builder buffed with 115%
Miner buffed with 40%
Digger buffed with 25%
Hunter nerfed with 15%
Farmer nerfed with 15%
Lumberjack nerfed with 20%

Most noticeable, have alchemist received a huge boost due to some rather fundamental changes to the job. Lately a lot of highly automated brewing farms have started popping up. This has caused some conflicts as once you scale the farms big enough, the job balance becomes impossible. Adding to this, it also goes against the idea of rewarding manual labour and not automatic farms to do the work for you.
After looking through all our options and discussing this with the top alchemists on the server, we came to a conclusion.
We have disabled hoppers from interacting with brewing stands. This change forces the player to manually brew potions. This change is also the reason behind the big buff in Alchemist as brewing potions is now much more time consuming and needed a higher payout to compare with the other jobs.

The changes are live on the server now but not necessarily final. Even though we have done extensive testing, being able to see the changes live and let the entire community test them is giving us a much better data set to evaluate on.
If you want to discuss these changes or have questions, don't hesitate replying to this or private messaging me.

Cook Perks
As mentioned in the title, we are also adding a ton of cook perks. At level 25, 50 and 75 you will unlock 3 new custom food recipes at each stage. The new recipes will offer various effects and improved hunger.
The specific recipes and effects will be listed under...