Hello everyone

Today we are bringing you a huge overhaul for job payouts to help balance the economy. The aim to make all jobs earn roughly the same amount of money. It has required a ton of play through manual testing to ensure accurate numbers.

These are the specific changes
Alchemist buffed with 150%
Builder buffed with 115%
Miner buffed with 40%
Digger buffed with 25%
Hunter nerfed with 15%
Farmer nerfed with 15%
Lumberjack nerfed with 20%

Most noticeable, have alchemist received a huge boost due to some rather fundamental changes to the job. Lately a lot of highly automated brewing farms have started popping up. This has caused some conflicts as once you scale the farms big enough, the job balance becomes impossible. Adding to this, it also goes against the idea of rewarding manual labour and not automatic farms to do the work for you.
After looking through all our options and discussing this with the top alchemists on the server, we came to a conclusion.
We have disabled hoppers from interacting with brewing stands. This change forces the player to manually brew potions. This change is also the reason behind the big buff in Alchemist as brewing potions is now much more time consuming and needed a higher payout to compare with the other jobs.

The changes are live on the server now but not necessarily final. Even though we have done extensive testing, being able to see the changes live and let the entire community test them is giving us a much better data set to evaluate on.
If you want to discuss these changes or have questions, don't hesitate replying to this or private messaging me.

Cook Perks
As mentioned in the title, we are also adding a ton of cook perks. At level 25, 50 and 75 you will unlock 3 new custom food recipes at each stage. The new recipes will offer various effects and improved hunger.
The specific recipes and effects will be listed under...
Hello everyone!

We are extremely happy to see everyone enjoying the summer event (Despite some frustrations during the parkour). Even though the event is not ever, we have been working hard and we have another huge update ready.

It's been mentioned many times that once you get settled on the server, the rewards from voting isn't very... Rewarding. That's changing now though. We've heavily buffed the rewards in the voting crate to make it more interesting even if you're an experienced player on the server.
Additionally we have added cumulative voting rewards that become more and more rewarding as you progress.
The rewards are as follows
  • 25 Votes = 25 Extra McMMO Credits
  • 50 Votes = 2 Repair Gems
  • 75 Votes = $10000 ingame money
  • 100 Votes = 1 Random Castian Item
  • 150 Votes = 1 Week 5% Job boost to all jobs
You can also view the rewards ingame using /rewards, it also shows your current amount of votes. The counter resets each month.

All crates, voting, promotion and treasure crates have gotten a buff. Most noticeable have the money rewards been increased, more spawn eggs have been added to the promotion crate and a small chance of a random castian item through the treasure crate.

We now have an official teamspeak server! You can connect using the IP ts.castiamc.com. There are plenty of chat rooms and larger towns even have their own dedicated chat room. I can't wait to see you on!

We have recently had a huge influx of new players and a lot of them tend to ask a ton of questions about the rules and the features of the server. We decided to reflect on that and have now designed a whole new spawn, solely for players that join the server for the first time.

A few pictures of the place

We're back with another great update!
Summer has finally arrived to Castia and we are ready to celebrate with you all. We have prepared a festive challenge with a very unique and awesome prize for those who can complete it!

The event consists of a series of quests with a special summer crate in the end. we won't spoil the challenges but we will however, let you in on the potential rewards.
You can win one new, unique, custom item. The new unique feature of these items is that they will boost your money and experience gain in a specific job.
For example one of the items, the summer pickaxe as seen in the picture below.
Will give a 5% boost in experience and money for the job Miner when used/worn.
There is an item for each job available and they're all unique tools/armor pieces so even if you have multiple jobs, you can still use items for your desired jobs if you have them.

In order to start, you simply need to talk to Ayana Gresham near spawn.
The event is a one time challenge and you can not redo the challenge to get multiple prizes. The event will be available for 2 weeks (Until Aug. 8th)

But wait. There is more! We are not done celebrating summer! For the entire duration of the event, we will be having a 10% sale throughout the entire store at Store.CastiaMC.com on all items and ranks.

We have a ton more content coming out soon so stay tuned for more!

We hope you have an amazing summer!
//Naskel & Killian