Hello everyone!

I'm back again from holidays and here with a big update for you all!
We recently did a hardware switch to a new host to eliminate the lag and it seems to have worked flawlessly. The reason we had the had lag before was due to our SSD being faulty and couldn't keep up with server saving data to the disk.

I've compiled a list of the recent changes.

It's now possible to easily trade in a safe environment with players on the server. Using /trade <name> you can safely trade items, money or exp. In order to trade you need to be within close distance of the player you wish to trade with.

Random teleport
Random Teleport is back! /rtp is now enabled again and can be used to find a quick new spot in main world to build your town. Additionally have we enabled /rtp in the resource world as well, allowing you to quickly get to a undiscovered area.

Job balance
We have also done some additional job balance to make sure keep a stable economy and avoid high inflation.

Lumberjack was changed to make hard work more rewarding and not make the job solely reliant on treefeller from McMMO. The specific changes are listed below.
  • Treefeller payouts were reduced from 10% to 7.5%
  • Oak, Birch & Acacia base value payouts were increased from 0.8 to 1.2
  • Spruce base value value payout were reduced from 0.6 to 0.5
  • Jungle base value payout were increased 0.6 to 0.75
  • Dark Oak base value payout were increased from 0.8 to 1.0
Dragon payouts were reduced to match the rewards from Withers.

Lastly, fences and logs were added as payout options for Builder. Fences and logs have a base value payout of 0.65

Store Update
After multiple requests, a diabolic bow have been added to the store at Store.CastiaMC.com

You may have noticed a few NPCs have started...
Hello everyone

The server will be unavailable for the next 30 minutes while we perform some server maintenance.
The post will be updated once the server is available again.

Thank you for your patience!

Edit: Server is back available. Special thanks to "bdscampos" for helping us out! :)
Hello Friends!

As you know minecraft 1.10 was recently released and we have decided to update the server.
The server will be updated on Sunday, June 26. This means there will be some downtime so we can update this nice and smoothly without breaking anything.

The Server will be closed for public on sunday June 26 from 8am to 11.30am EST!

For the players who are not familiar with 1.10 yet, I suggest to go check it out :)
With this update we will also reset the resource world.

Thanks for reading,