Hello friends,

Halloween is right around the corner, and for that we have created a unique and very cool event for you all!

Halloween Event
To start this event you will need to talk to "Aretha Everbleed", She can be found in the event hall at spawn.
From there on you will start in the Haunted Dungeon, This is where you kill the "Cursed Zombies" in order to receive some Zombie Brains. Once you have collected 25 of those you can talk to the witch in front of the big skull to continue to the next stage.
Right after that the parkour challange starts. There is not really much to explain on this as, well, its simply just parkour :p At the end of the parkour you will be able to claim your reward.

Goodluck, You will need it :)

Special thanks to:
  • Tioga
  • Lackable
  • DrTyttex
For helping us with building this awesome map.

Store Sale!
Ontop of that we will have a 10% sale on ALL RANKS on the server store.
visit: store.castiamc.com for more information.

The event and sale will end october 31.
Corrupted Staff?

Yesterday, a staff member named OMGitsarealgirl went rogue and started banning a lot of innocent players. We have now corrected her wrongdoing and unbanned everyone she banned the last 12 hours. The staff member has been demoted and permanently banned from the server and we apologize for the inconvenience she has caused.

Server Stopping ?

Some of the people that were causing issues yesterday, initiated a rumor saying the server is shutting down. We would like to make it very clear that this is not true and CastiaMC is not shutting down.

Thanks for the great support we received from you guys and we will not let you down!
Hello friends,

Today I bring you another update post with what is going on on the server.


As you probably noticed lag is a big problem on the server. Please remember that the staff is working very hard on this topic and is trying to fix this ASAP. The upcoming 2 weeks we will test various things and hopefully get these issues sorted. With that said I would like to ask to keep calm in the chat during these lag spikes. We know it’s not fun to play during the lag spikes but by filling up chat with “lag” you’ll only stimulate the bad mood that is going on during these lag spikes.

New Staff:

We recruited 2 new staff members:
  • DrTyttex
  • Wolfhound1
Welcome to the team!

I would like to mention that staff applications are still open and everyone is able to apply.
Simply visit our forums and fill in the appropriate format and post it here as a new thread :)

Halloween event?

Halloween is coming soon and by that said, YES there will be a halloween event :)
More info will be released in an upcoming post regarding the event.

Can’t wait? here is a spoiler

That was it for this time :)