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No where in the rules does it say I cannot report staff members, nor can I not express my concerns on staff conduct. So make it make sense.
y'all really perma ban me for posting one link as a joke? like id understand if it was for greifing, hacking or like just being toxic or something that actually affects other people but this really? there aren't even that many people left on this server who actually still want to play it and doing stuff like this makes me understand why
You can contact the staff member who banned you, I have resigned from staff ;)
Sparklie. This is not an appeal. but Why did i get banned? I didnt do Farm Grief. I Replanted! What Farm did i even grief? I only Harvested some Sugar cane! And i left blocks left for it to regrow!
Nice words are everywhere, but lets face it - My very own Delirium is going to devour me in inevitable, pure chaotic pain. No one is immune.