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Vote Crate Droptable Fixes


New Member
so. I have always thought the vote crate droptable was really not rewarding. well last night i also found out that your vote keys get reset every month.

The drops go (from left to right) 150$, 250$, 500$, 16 Diamonds, 64 EXP Bottles, 8 Emeralds, Random Scroll, Identifier, 10 MCMMO Credits, Castian Dust, Repair gem, Parrot Spawn Egg, Wither Skeleton Skull, Legendary Essence, 2 Turtle Spawn Eggs, and Lucky Castian Dust.

Now let's go through these drops and see how much value each drop has going from best to worst.

The drops that should stay the same: Lucky Castian Dust (200k+) Wither Skeleton Skull (8-10k) Legendary Essence (6-8k) Castian Dust (18k)

Now, even these drops could be better with the Wither Skeleton Skulls maybe giving 3 (Enough to make a wither), bumping it up to about 24-30k, or legendary essence maybe giving 2 instead making it 16-20k. still, not too bad.

Drops that need some improving: 16 Diamonds, (~1.2k) Identifier ($700) EXP Bottles, ($200) Repair Gem, ($500) 10 MCMMO Credits, Parrot Spawn Egg, Turtle Spawn egg.

Well, as you can see here, almost all the drops don't even break 1k? That's quite a big jump from the last category where none of them went under 8k. And as you can see with the last few, they don't even have prices because the spawn eggs you cannot find a shop that buys them, and 10 MCMMO Credits? you get more than that just from the act of voting!

How to improve: Well, Diamonds could be boosted to 32 (2.4k) or a stack (4.8k) which i think would be alot more appropriate. Identifiers could be boosted to 2 (1.4k) or 3 (2.1k) of them or just removed entirely because they are so commonly sold and found. EXP Bottles Should either be removed, or boosted to at least 3 stacks ($600) Repair gems should be boosted to 4 (2k) or 8 (4k), MCMMO Credits should be boosted to 30 - 50 to aleast make it worth opening crates for more MCMMO Cerdits than just voting. Parrot And Turtle Spawn Eggs are fine if you want them as pets, but they should not be in vote crates and maybe just moved to other crates (like promotion)

Drops that should be removed or heavily buffed: $150, $250, $500, 8 Emeralds ($400) , Random Scroll.

How to Improve: On all the money, atleast add one more 0 making it 1.5k, 2.5k and 5k. easy fix for one of the most common and worst things you can get. 8 Emeralds. Emeralds are really useless on the server besides villagers. to make this worth it you would probably have to give a stack of them (3.2k) or preferably just remove this drop entirely because i got alot of useless emeralds from crates. Annnd finally random scroll. the only good scrolls you can get are mending, bulwark and reinforcing, and with all the scrolls, it's a really low chance. you can get so many useless scrolls from the crate that are worth nothing, i have never gotten a good scroll from a vote crate but you know what i have gotten? lucky castian dust. twice. this drop needs to be removed because there are so many better ways of getting scrolls.

Summary: vote crates need to be updated, because as something for a prize of supporting the server, it really makes it not worth going through the effort for these low price drops. i know people who have played the server for a loong time and never voted because of the lackluster drops you get from them. I hope this can get fixed so more people will start supporting the server through voting again. Thank you for reading.
-Sincerely, EgyptianSoda