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Verification for new players

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As you can tell, the above isn't very impressive, nor casting a good impression of our server, is it?

The problem, and the proposed solution
Spam bots have been around for about as long as the server has existed, and it has been a constant problem that plagues our server heavily. Hence, I would like to propose a simple, yet effective solution to this problem. We could implement a one-time CAPTCHA system, as a form of player verification system. It could look something like this:

This would be relatively simple to answer for a human - They simply need to type vypw to gain access to the server.

  • It would stop the spam bots from plaguing our server. I doubt the AI technology is that good to read and make out words in CAPTCHA.
  • It should be relatively simple to implement.
  • It is only one-time, and hence people need not to keep doing this, or it might become a nuisance.
  • It might add on to the burden of the content team, which is a small team, and already working on many projects.
  • It is indeed possible to create a image reader and translator in code, and if one is indeed created, the problem of spam bots might persist. In that case, more complex CAPTCHA systems which involve pictures and symbols might need to be added.

I believe this would be a great addition to the server, with it being relatively simple to implement, yet effective against spam bots. Let me know what you think down below!
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