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Update Log 5/6/2019


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We have some bugfixes and small changes!

Towny Changes:

  • Cooking mutton has received a nerf due to the existence of sheep spawners. It is still twice as good as beef and chicken and is the most premium of meats!
  • Shop tools have received some updates including the ability to edit existing shops!
  • Heads, shulker boxes, and music disks can now be shown in chat again!
  • Lumberjack 4 Achievement has been added along with a cosmetic as a reward.
  • The nether cosmetic was changed to the ender cosmetic.
  • Added quartz variations to builder.
  • Added prismarine and dark prismarine variations to builder.
  • Added all glazed and regular colors of terracotta to builder.
  • Added light gray stained glass to builder (Oops!)
  • Added salmon to cook payouts.
Other Bugfixes:
  • Fixed a bug where players could claim in the resource world.
  • Fixed a bug where soul gems were not dropping from the ender dragon for a short period of time.
  • Emerald affinity shovel now properly drops emeralds upon digging!
  • Hoppers can no longer interact with brewing stands on classic (Used to be the case, but broke in 1.13 update)
  • Fixed a couple causes of server crashes on all servers.
  • Fixed /party settings buttons not working properly
  • Fixed legendary and treasure crates from having issues giving the right rewards (Wither skulls and shulker shells and job boosts primarily)
  • Players with emperor can now speak in lobby again!
  • Removed /kit atlantisreset on atlantis
  • Fixed a bug with chestshop history not working properly.
  • Fixed a bug where players couldn't complete the final achievement on towny (It counted the final achievement as needing to be completed to complete it...ha!)
  • Fixed an anvil at /warp enchanting on medieval
  • Fixed a bug where builder III achievement wasn't giving the intended sea lantern reward.
  • Oak doors can now be locked
  • Confetti cosmetic was unable to be used for a period of time when earned, now works properly
  • /Glow now has color again on towny!
  • Fixed a bug where promotion crates on towny didn't properly give spawn eggs since the 1.13 update.
Thanks everyone!