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The Reason Why


The reason I am choosing not to play Castia any longer is as follows:

1 My town Lunaria became inactive and I was the only actively active person. The mayor decided to give the town to some stranger. My heart broke.....
2 When the merger was announced with the deletion of Demonic and Atlantis, my heart broke.....
3 After a week of serious grinding and stress and No communication as to what was Really going on , I was ok with going to Medieval, starting over , bringing over my balance, so my heart was mending and my mind in a good place When.... What?
No merge of Demonic and Atlantis with Medieval. So my Heart Broke again.

There are so many miscommunications, and all that had to be said in the beginning is , nothing is changing but the name. I love to play Minecraft it is my one Happy Place. I had a Fantabulous time on Castia and will cherish every good memory. I just can’t take any more Confusion. Thank you to all who have brightened my day every day for the past year or so, it’s been awesome. I’m sending love and hugs to all and to all a good bye! I’ll come visit my friends sometime