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The Castia Courier, June. 1 2019 Issue #2 - 'Fantasy' Build Contest Winners


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Really enjoying reading these.
I wish they were longer, but quality is always better than quantity.
Keep up the great work on the courier.

And a huge congrats to the build contest winners! I envy your talent!
Enjoy your rewards, you've earned them ;)


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I was genuinely pleased with all that happened this month and how the Courier turned out~. The Castia Courier and all the builds and special events it showcased, it was all an exceptional work of art and a great read! Great job Ashe and congratulations especially to the build winners!

The excitement for this years summer event is no joke, lol. Hypuh

^-^/ Thank you so much for the opportunity. I had a lot of fun building my plot and I am honored to have ended up in the final three. I had a lot of fun talking to fellow builders during the competition. There are a lot of awesome plots and I highly recommend flying around on contest and taking a look. <3

Kind regards,

A very evil darksider


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HM to

SpaceKadt for his commitment to his project, having such an arbitrary and obscure idea and fulfilling it to the standard you have done is impressive, something which can’t have been copied or stolen in any way for its complete uniqueness. I was really rooting for you.

Bry for starting off a plot so “wrong” and managing to turn it around and create such a great outcome from it and finishing it In time too! I felt like completing the plot itself should’ve been a term but sadly it wasn’t, as we see from the top 3, I know you had exams Bry and for sacrificing personal time to complete this plot I respect you a lot.

The original player to use the chain island link which no doubt seems to have inspired Kait to do the same, it was such a very unique concept and idea that I think I’ll be stealing it too for the medieval overworld build projects I’m any part of.

Grey for free handing such magnificent dragons in the midst of your final exams, it’s a great shame you didn’t have the time to go much further but I’ve no doubt your very impressive skills will get you podium places In future build contests.

Jamar for going the extra mile in planning your plot so extensively, creating mood designs and concept images.

Ragnar for making such a nice tower and for the bold idea of a poisonous river.

FlopWise for such a hard palette, the sand one is never easy and rarely done well but you did it well and it’s a shame you couldn’t find time or inspiration to complete the entire plot to that standard.


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Hey Zro, I was actually the one to make the chains ty for the compliment :D. Just wanted to clarify kait didn't actually make chains. Her build was supposed to be Olympus on top of hell and what im guessing you were referring to was the waterfall that turned into lava. Gratz to everyone who participated, I really enjoyed seeing everyone's unique styles!