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Texturepack I made


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There are not that many textures, but you can use it on top your default minecraft texturepack, or whichever you are using. I would love to have feedback on it, because it is the first one I have made.

Clicking the link will instantly start downloading the texture pack.

Short guide to install the texturepack

When you have downloaded the texturepack, you migth be confused of it not having the file extension of .zip. If the file extension is not .zip, here is a guide of how to change it to .zip
If/When the folder has .zip file extension, you should open your File explorer, Search %AppData% on the top bar, find a folder called .minecraft, Open it, select Resourcepacks, and drag and drop the into the file. After that, open your minecraft and when you are in the Title screen, select Options > Resourcepacks and you should see the resourcepack you just downloaded, and move the pack from the left to the rigth. Once you have activated the wanted resourcepacks, click done. Congratulations, you have installed my resourcepack.

Let me know if my texture pack won't work.