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Tawny's Castia Custom Item Textures resource pack


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After grinding heavily for achievements for a few weeks, I've taken a break of a couple days to work on a project I've long wanted to do, and I'm happy to make it available for public use here.

I've created a new resource pack, Castia Custom Item Textures, that adds many custom textures, so that most Castian-tier items are now color-coded to match their names. The main purpose of the pack is to add visual variety to items and also to make Castian items more visible (for example, when held or dropped by a hostile mob), while maintaining a vanilla aesthetic. The pack fully supports all three Towny servers, and I've made both 1.13+ and 1.12 versions available.

Castia Custom Item Textures (1.13)
Castia Custom Item Textures (1.12)

NB: This pack requires Optifine.

Typical examples:

Most event items have some additional decoration.

The armor itself is colored too.

The pack also color-codes dusts and essences of all tiers for easier differentiation.

Dusts and essences (and a few other items) are enhanced with emissive textures. This makes little difference with night-vision, but the effect is dramatic in low light without night vision or with shaders.

There are at least two possible extensions of this set, but both would involve significant work: If you'd find useful either or both, let me know in game or via Discord, at TawnyFrogmouth#5004.
  • Coloration of other MythicDrops items (according to tier).
  • Adding emissive textures to Castian gear.

Feedback/bug reports/ideas/suggestions for other additions are welcome, too.

This was a large project---the pack contains more than 800 files in all---and helpful comments, feedback, suggestions, and testing from CelestialVortex, Classicalad, MadMikael, Ofilos, and PotatoQueenCoco significantly improved its quality. It is a pleasure to thank them for their help, but any errors in the pack are of course mine alone.

See my other resource packs in this directory thread.
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Great pack, highly recommend.
And thanks Tawny for allowing me to help just a little - I don't envy the amount of work you put into this!

Still love the wither skeleton and squid packs too ;)


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I've just updated the pack.

  • Added textures for Lucky Castian Dust, Lucky Castian Essence and (probably most, possibly all) Lucky Castian gear.
  • Added matching dedicated item textures for all event boots, helmets, and leggings.
  • Added custom splash text.
  • Added support for Necrosis Castian items (on Demonic) with spontaneously broken item names
  • Modified textures for &6, &b, &e, and &f armor items to make them easier to distinguish from diamond, gold, and iron armor items.
  • Suppressed coloring of leather Mythic Drops items (except Boing Boing Boots) to prevent fakeouts.
  • Fixed rendering of custom broken elytra item textures (cf. this open issue).
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