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/t spawn Flame


Active Member
When you happen to pass by in Demonic. Make sure you visit the super active town shop in Demonic. /t spawn Flame. Its a work in Progress and we are far from done. It is run by multiple players (2 Cooks 2 Blacksmiths 2 diggers multiple miners and farmers) to ensure you are always able to buy sell even if someone is taking a vacation or has some temp real life situations. Our prices are well tought of and plenty of our items are not there to gain profit but to ensure /t spawn Flame can become a hub where even our competitors will be able to buy there supplies as we grow. We will continue to expand and inprove. Without following day to day price changes in this stabilizing the Demonic market as much as we can. We are always looking for new farmers and miners or just players passing by to get rid of there vote rewards for spot on market prices to ensure we can become a market center hoping our small contribution makes Demonic a better place for everyone. Yes we move slowly but we are grinders and we are here for the long run. Improving our shop and hopefully Demonic as a whole one step a day.