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Skeleton Horse Despawning


New Member
So skeleton Horses are some of the most rare mobs in the game, right? So I have been trying to find one for a very long time now. I finally find one and roll it into my town, after a nearly 15,000 block journey, only to have it despawn because of mob spawning being off. I then find another, and decide to name it, thinking it won't despawn. I make a 8000 block journey only to find out that it doesn't work either. I then turned on mob spawning, thinking that that would work, but I still manage to roll through a town without mob spawning and it despawns. I have spent a lot of time trying to get these horses and would really appreciate it if you could make it so a nametag does not despawn a skeleton horse, even without mob spawning being on. I have lost 4 skele horses in demonic and 2 in medieval. Thank you for your time and I really hope that it can be fixed.