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SirJTaylor (A.K.A The Imperator)


New Member

Salve, people of Castia. I am SirJ, the leader of a strict guild called "Heywena."
I've had several years of experience and I have found it fit to return to Castia. Last time I was here, there was well, "problems" in France. Either way, I am back to restore whatever is left of my clan here.

The Heywen, are a group of elite fighters and survivalist. Many of the structures we build are under a strict building code (Which has changed many times over the years). It is at this point I intend on focusing on Castia and creating a nation. To be entirely honest, Heywena is a warmongering group. I will assume in the beginning we would have to stock up on weapons and armor before our real power can be recognized. Until then.​


New Member
It's good to see you SirJTaylor
(cela fait plaisir de te voir)
I hope my French isn't too rusty
- Nubbo
Well I still havent been unbanned and this is the only server I would wanna go on. I've pretty much quit MC and disbanded my clan.

My dealings with the French Empire were very subtle compared to what normally happens. It was merely an expedition onto Castia.

Not too long ago on another major server I caused the fall of one of the largest factions as well most powerful, the Byzantine.

Well, anyways until I get unbanned I won't be playing MC.