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Search Function for the Marketplace

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Hi! I know this is probably not a really easy idea to implement because of coding and such. However, I think that a great function for all players especially newer ones is have the ability to do /as search (item). I know that we have as rent for the shops but one of the most difficult things for our marketplaces is finding good shops for the items we are trying to buy. I also believe this could help the economy for the server and make it more lucrative for people to own chest shops in the marketplace. Again, I know this isn't an easy thing to implement and probably will be shut down due to this but at least maybe keep it in mind?

As always I love Castia, so whatever you all decide on is fine.



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Love the idea, I've thought of this myself. It would add a ton of use for shoppers by taking them directly to the item they desire. Although... I've considered some drawbacks;

1. Players searching through the market to find that "one" item they're looking for may also stumble across more items they may want/need in the process of finding the item they were originally searching for. So with the current system, it's helping to fund shop owners in the marketplace and in turn, creating a more valuable shop-owning experience, with that comes better shops and better prices. (the curse and blessing of a player-run economy)

2. Say I'm searching for 3 Diamonds to make a pickaxe, and I type "/as find diamond". I'm then teleported to some random shop that sells diamonds. So, the other however many shops that sell diamonds lose out on a sale because the command teleported me to one of the many shops that sells diamonds at random. It's very possible that I could have found a better price on diamonds, or even more quantity of diamonds at another shop had I searched the market myself. So that kind of ruins the "player run" economy aspect a bit, since a server command would now teleport a player to a certain shop to buy from them.

3. I believe that this type of command would dwindle an already dying activity in the markets. If a player can simply type a command to find what they need, buy it, then tp home we won't have as much activity in the markets. I would guess that there would hardly be any player activity in markets except for shop owners restocking their shops. Shopping is a community activity in almost every culture of the world, and to lose that aspect of Castia could be detrimental to Castia's long-standing success.

To close, I figured I'd touch on these points to protect the player-run economy. I believe that Castia is great in part because of the economy that allows players to influence directly, without any governing influence. (that's my favorite part of Castia :)) But like I said, I love the idea but I don't know how well it will work in practice and I don't have a divine answer for how the command could be perfectly implemented. I like that you're thinking to improve Castia though :) See you around.

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As we now have shoptools (eg /st find sell [item]) this is being moved to implemented suggestions.
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