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Remodeled, newly public guardian grinder on Medieval


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I've remodeled almost from scratch and made public one of my two guardian grinders. The new design uses new water-themed blocks extensively. To access the farm,
  1. go to the Frogmouth River town hall via /t spawn frogmouth_river, and
  2. take the new teleport pad labeled Warp to PUBLIC GUARDIAN GRINDER.
The grinding room has room for up to four players to grind at once, and partial blocks (snow layers and iron trapdoors) minimize knockback from guardian thorns. Four beacons (regeneration, resistance II, speed II, and strength II) cover the grinder to help make grinding faster, easier, and safer.

The item collection room---all of the collection chests are publicly accessible---is reachable from the grinding room by either of two teleport pads and has chestshops for buying (and selling) vanilla swords, enchanted books that are useful at the farm (looting III, mending, sharpness V, unbreaking III) and key drops, including repair gems, and chestshops for selling raw cod.
If you have any questions about the farm, pm me in-game or on Discord at TawnyFrogmouth#5004.

Happy hunting!
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