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Reinstate AFK Kick and Un-Nerf Smelting Jobs


Active Member
Pretty simple, really. In the name of "balance" 3 entire jobs were screwed over. 3 jobs that were already put at a disadvantage when they were disabled for the first few days of the event, also in the name of "balance".

The issue is, of course, being able to AFK all night and gain tokens. This is done by having a large area of shared smelters where everyone would put something in to their own furnace to smelt and as long as one person kept the chunk loaded, it didn't matter if the rest got kicked to spawn for AFK.

A much better solution, instead of nerfing the entire jobs, would be to just reinstate the 15-minute AFK Kick instead of it being a tp to spawn. Why was it removed in the first place, if the server is intended to be anti-afk grinding? If the AFK kick was reinstated, it would not matter if one pesron was holding the chunk. You would not earn tokens while offline.

I beg staff to consider doing this, if only for the duration of the event, instead of nerfing the whole jobs. It's incredibly unfair, especially to anyone who may be digger, blacksmith, and cook as their 3 jobs (which I have heard someone complain about). Just make the tokens not afk'able with an AFK kick instead. The active parts of the jobs (digging/crafting) should still give tokens at the same rate as any other job. Period.