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Questing Scrolls Plugin


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I have previously played a server where you can get questing scrolls that give rewards for completing them.
I have included an example from one I had. There is customisation as far as I know as to what you have to do, and what rewards you get per tier. Obviously you could add a Castian tier which would be very hard to complete but offers Castian tier rewards. It would increase playtime I feel too given people would be wanting to complete these scrolls. Some of them include having to walk a certain distance, sail a certain distance etc. Plus it adds mini goals. Some can be made as basic as 'Axe 10 trees, eat 2 apples, mine 50 cobblestone' and then you may get a basic reward like 32 glowstone etc.

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Love the idea and definitely seems like something castia would (and should) have, however the remarkable scrolls would have to have insanely difficult achievements on them and be extremely difficult to obtain to keep from abuse and devaluing of certain items