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    CastiaMc Skyblock Server Rules

    These are the official server rules for CastiaMC's Skyblock Server.
    Not following these rules may lead into a permanent server ban.

    Towny Server Rules
    • One player, one account.
      • Do not use alt accounts.
      • Do not allow other people to access your account on the server. You are responsible for any actions done on your account.
    • Play fair.
      • Do not xray or use any hacks/unapproved mods/scripts. See the list below for approved mods. If you would like to use a mod/script/macro that is not on the list, contact a staff member so it can be reviewed.
      • Honor verbal agreements with other players, as long as the agreement does not violate other stated server rules.
      • Return items dropped (via mob death, PVP, mob drops, or accidents) to the original owners unless both parties agree otherwise.
      • Only invite players to your island that you trust. Island owners should create an agreement saved via screenshot between themselves and the invited player if there are things they do not want them to do, as staff can only intervene in disputes if scamming (Breaking terms of a prior agreement) was involved. Unless specified in a prior agreement, invited players may edit as they see fit.
      • Do not scam in trades or other transactions. Do not attempt to get people to pay more than an item is worth.
        • Player made casinos are not allowed.
      • Do not exploit glitches.
      • No TP killing, trap killing, kill stealing, or killing outside PVP zones without prior warning.
        • Do not attempt to teleport or otherwise put a player into a PVP zone or imminent death situation without their knowledge and consent.
        • Do not engage in PVP outside the PVP arena within 1 minute of either party teleporting.
    • Be respectful of one another.
      • Do not harass or abuse other players in any format.
      • Do not use hate speech or discriminatory language towards someone‚Äôs race, religion, gender, orientation/identity, etc.
      • Do not use excessive profanity or direct profanity towards other players. Do not swear excessively and do not swear at other players.
      • Do not share content inappropriate for children.
      • Do not discuss politics or other socially inflammatory topics in global chat.
      • Do not dox (reveal or share private/personal information about others).
      • Do not impersonate players/staff.
      • If you are found to have a negative impact on the community, we can remove you at our discretion.
    • Use chat appropriately
      • Do not use chat to advertise other servers.
      • Do not spam chat. (Wait 10 minutes between ads of the same nature in trade chat)
      • Do not use excessive caps.
      • No inappropriate usernames, nicknames, or item names.
      • Use English in general chat.
      • Players may not use server-controlled communication channels to offer exchanges involving money, goods, and services outside the server.
    • Listen to staff.
      • In cases where these rules are unclear or incomplete, defer to staff judgement.
    Approved Mods and/or modifications:
    • Minimaps
    • Optifine
    • Shaders
    • Texture packs (except those that give unfair advantage, like xray)
    • Inventory Tweaks
    • Schematica/Litematica (do not use printmode)
    • 5zig
    • Raising gamma
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