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Missing Iron Ingots due to server error


Staff member
/smelting is broken. It's been broken for a few days now. I smelted over two rows of iron ingots in 25 furnaces, therefore loosing over 50 rows (450 stacks, 28,800 ingots, 50 stacks of iron blocks) which equates to market value over $500,000, or over $850,000 if I were to grind them myself.

I want a refund of my iron ingots, as this is caused 100% by a malfunction of my /smelting perks not working.

My proof is that i put all iron ore in the chests on top of the smelters, and then there are now 2 rows of ore missing in each double chest, and only 2 rows of ingots in each of the outpost chest. Logs will confirm I did not take any ingots out of the bottom chests. Here is a screenshot of the coordinates of the chest, and the very basic set up i have. It should take at most 30 seconds to check the logs of the input and output chests.

TL;DR I would like a refund of 50 stacks of iron blocks that were lost due to the server glitching and /smelting breaking.

PROOF that /smelting is broken (I have 100% double smelt chance, and as in the video I only get what ingot)

EDIT: Also I've already broken and replaced my furnaces several times over - doesn't fix it.