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Make verbal warns more noticeable


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To anyone who's played a while, it's obvious there's steps staff take when a player isn't following chat rules.
Prior to warns, verbal warns are typically given - and sometimes go unnoticed (especially when chat is busy, as it will be this coming summer).

While I'd prefer that verbal warns were lessened and actual warns increased, that doesn't seem to be the path staff are choosing to take; so I offer an idea that may help balance the void in between warns and verbal warns.
Much like a parent would take a tone with their misbehaving child, a staff regulating chat could take a noticeable tone in the chat.

I've seen a few times now, that higher staff members can modify their chat in ways players can't.
A recent example:

While this is simply bolded, I've seen colours used as well, and that's what I think would be useful. I've seen other games where staff chat was a different colour than players colours, to stand out; but I don't think that having all staff chat coloured would be ideal.

What I propose is, a command like /verbalwarn [text]
What this would do is, make the text that follows in a specified colour, to stand out in chat. There would be less excuse of "I didn't see it". Also, players would know that staff aren't fooling around.
An added bonus would be, this could stand out in logs a little more.
Perhaps even, verbal warns could be logged in a way so that a player who gets verballed by several staff during the day for the exact same thing could finally be dealt with instead of being allowed to continue to their behaviour repeatedly. This happens far too much imo.

My only suggestion at this time for its usage is, perhaps to make sure the player the verbal is directed at is specified in the message.

Another reason why something like this should be implemented

This is a far too common sight - when there's no staff on other servers.
Btw, if I /muteserver medieval, I can't read verbal warns from staff on other servers, which makes verbal warns even more useless than just watching for them in overflowing rapid chat.
If /verbalwarn were implemented, I'd suggest it be visible through /muteserver, just like /warn is.
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I feel like the idea of the /warn system itself is this, it is a verbal warning without reprise as such that may lead to a kick or ban if it is repeatedly given. It’s visible in red text and is tracked with logs.


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I think this is a good idea, but at the same time. When someone states something derogatory or profane in chat they're always looking to get a reaction and they obviously have to see the verbal warning in chat. Personally, I believe if a player didn't see it, then said player was too distracted to look and or too distracted to realize what they originally said was wrong which I believe should be on them.

However there may be some special scenarios in which this idea would be a successful implement