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Make heads lockable


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LWC, the plugin the server uses to manage locking blocks (chests, doors, etc.) can be configured to lock blocks other than the default ones.

Heads are often targeted by griefers/raiders. On the other hand, because of how heads are represented in the plugin staff use to roll back grief, rolling back heads only sometimes recovers the original head and often instead produces only default (Steve heads).

It seems that /hdb heads never roll back correctly, so every time they are griefed (and the owner recalls what they are), the owner has to manually rebuy and replace all of them, which is tedious even when you only have several types of head to replace. (When I owned the main island in the Medieval End, this head theft and replacement was a constant problem, and I spent many hours dealing with it.)

Player heads at least sometimes roll back correctly, and in any case they can only be rolled back at all when logs of the grief are available, which is often not the case. These heads can be expensive---some fetch seven figures now---and obviously can difficult or impossible to replace, so when they cannot be rolled back it imposes a loss on the head owner. (It also means that the thief can end up with a particularly valuable item, and in some cases a personal one.)

Both of these outcomes cause understandable player frustration and disappointment, but there seems to be an obvious method of preventing this recurring problem. I suggest:

Add heads to the list of blocks lockable by LWC.

I don't know whether the relevant block id is player_wall_head or skull. Like chests (and trapped chests and shulker boxes), heads could be configured to lock on placing by default. Since it's probably typical that only a head's owner will break the head, it's probably more convenient for default locking to be enabled.


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Armor stands too, they need to be /lock'able as well ;; Only they're more annoying for staff to deal with because it's a 50/50 shot whether you get anything back at all from roll backs, and staff can't refund money to replace anything stolen with them