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Item restoration request


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I'd like to request a bunch of item restorations. A lot of these are from ages ago, so I understand that server logs won't help much. I'm going through my (very large) screen caps history to find records, and understand if things wait until I find those.


To start the ball rolling; & (/tppos -2887 47 449) going to need a refund of 24 chorus flowers, to replant the fruit that was unable to be rolled back by Orange. The attempted rollback should be on record.

Then we have four rabbits and eight sheep slain downstairs at and (/tppos -2906 33 385), and two chickens, fourteen sheep, six rabbits, and two cows slain at and (/tppos -561 71 -3857 and /tppos -579 71 -3841).

Then comes chests. Though the gate had once been locked, people had griefed their way in to raid my chests down in (/tppos -567 96 -3827). Both armour stands had been raided, the contents missing. Amongst the most irritating losses are spawners, spare castians, essences, identifiers, diamond + iron blocks, and beacons.

The beacon at (/tppos -582 52 -3851) has been raided.


Over onto the estate near the other /farm, we have a few emptied chests at (/tppos 5206 69 4650); included in that were two shulker boxes (one red, one purple), diamond blocks, and with essences and dusts.

On Sprouterfly's behalf:

A mooshroom and parrot have both been slain in the Sprout's house at (/tppos 5222 68 4625).

She, and I, will be moving back to Classic soon, so if there's a way for them to be restored for her there, that would save a bit of extra workaround for both of us. I'd get her to submit her own request for this, but she's going to be turning seven soon, and is still behind on reading. I suspect writing a formal request would be a bit beyond her at this stage.