How to fix your Job Booster Item

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    Hello everyone

    If you play on Atlantis or Demonic, you might have noticed that your job booster item no longer gives you the intended bonus. This is due to an update with the Jobs plugin that redid the method for storing job booster item info.
    There is a fix for this however it requires each item being manually fixed by an admin.

    If you have a broken job booster item please contact an admin ingame and they can help you out. If you're unable to find an admin online, please leave your job booster item in your inventory or enderchest and contact an admin here on the forums or on Discord and they can fix your item when they are available (You don't need to be online at the same time)

    OBS: This is currently not an issue on Medieval however it will be once we update it to 1.13.2

    If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask.
  2. Woolfeh

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    Feb 22, 2017
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    Username: Woolfeh
    Atlantis: 2017 summer hoe
    Demonic: 2018 summer hoe, 2018 summer axe
    Both are in the first slots of my ec

    Thanks :)
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    May 14, 2018
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    I was dismayed when I found that my shovel and sword were not working (summer 2018 items).
    Then I found this post, and my hope was renewed.
    I left them in my ender chest, and eventually they did get fixed (thank you guys)....
    They now showed up in /j bonus hunter/digger respectively, and I was happy... for a while.

    EDIT: I think I was wrong in this following statement:
    Turns out, they're not really fixed - they show up in the /j bonus, but when I see my actual gained amounts, I'm not getting the 5% boost from them. The summer trinket still works, thankfully (which I thought weird).

    I have since replaced them into my enderchest, and hope that they do get fixed at some point... they are in the first two spaces of it.
    The sword I was thinking of selling, but it's worthless if it's broken... and, well, I have a lot of levels left on digger, I could use the help lol.
    If it matters, the shovel was my choice from the summer event, and the sword I bought shortly after with in game currency.

    Server: Atlantis
    Name: MadMikael


    I believe I was mistaken, and I owe staff an apology for wasting your time. Please accept my sincere apologies, as I was confused.

    Allow me to explain my confusion.
    I'm unsure if the updating was just slow, or if I didn't check as thoroughly as I had thought, but the booster items function slightly different than the trinket, I suppose.

    They both show up under /j bonus, but under /j info, the trinket does not show its addition.
    This confused me when I'd dig dirt for a base of 2.07 and get 2.11, for example.
    However, when I was checking /j info digger without my shovel in my hand yesterday, it was still seeming to say 2.07.... but looking at it today, I see that my base is actually lower than that. I believe the shovel could have been working all along, and I was mistaken. Again, I apologize if I wasted your time in this.

    And naturally, a huge thank you to staff for taking the time to deal with it. It is very appreciated.
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  4. Sherwin21

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    Jul 30, 2018
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    Username: Sherwin21
    Server: Demonic
    Item: Summer Sword 2018

    The item is located in my enderchest, thank you <3
  5. TFed

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    Sep 24, 2017
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    Username: TFed
    Server: Atlantis
    Items: Summer Pickaxe 2018, Summer chestplate 2018 i put them in my enderchest!

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