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/Friend Command

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Hey CastiaMC server,

I would like you guys to support or add this idea to the server, and I think it's s good one to. I think while in towny or skyblock you should be able to do /friend or /f for short there name and it will add them and of course they will have to add you back, but after that , you can just do /f or /friends to see if ur friends are online and what they are playing. A lot of servers have it and I think it will make the players connect more amd talk more. Thank You!


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Towny has an built-in friend feature by doing /res friend add <friendname>. Not sure if it actually does anything, but it's there.


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This might work out as a good idea, especially if it works between Skyblock and Towny. It is not really necessary, however, as you can just type /seen <username>, or alternatively just type the first couple letters of their name and press TAB.

Crayy mentions the /res friend add command, which is already used when players want to work together.
When using the /res friend add command, it gives the "friend" permisison to build, break, itemuse and switch on any plot owned by the person typing in the command if it hasn't been disabled, which one is able to do plot-specifically. It doesn't show you who is online, but it works like a friend system.

To summarise, I do not think this is necessary. It might be fun to play around with, but we're doing fine without it.
That's just my personal opinion, however.



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As we now have /friend (which allows you to see when they log in/log off), I'm moving this to Implemented Suggestions.
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