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    It's your first day in the server and you don’t know where to start. Here are some suggestions and tips to help you!
    First Day
    1. You will want to get two jobs as it will be your main source of income in this server
    2. Use /jobsgui to find which jobs will suit you best
      1. Here's a guide created by Jessila on Jobs -
      2. Builder -
      3. Alchemist -
    3. You can always change your job but you will lose all level progression
    4. Next you will want to gather resources so go to the resource world by typing /resource
    5. After you have an inventory full of goodies go back to the main world by typing /spawn then type /rtp which stands for random teleport, to build a starter shack
      1. You can build anywhere that is not within 5 chunks of another build
    6. Type /sethome so that you can use the command /home to always get back to your shack
    How do I teleport to my friend/share chests with my friend?
    1. /tpa playerName - To teleport to player
    2. /tpahere playerName - To teleport player to you
    3. /cmodify playerName - To share private chests
    How do I claim land? You will either have to create a town or join a town
    1. Create Town
      1. To start a town you will have to rank up 4 times by typing /rankup this should put you in either Official or Settler.
      2. Next you will have to have 10k in your account to start a town
      3. There is a list of towny commands here:
    2. Join a Town
      1. To join a town you will have to get an invite from the town mayor
      2. To find out a mayor’s name type /t [townName]
      3. Message them by typing /msg [mayorName] or if the mayor is offline send them a mail by typing /mail send [mayorName]
    I got an unidentified item/identifier what is it?
    1. This server uses MysticDrops as a plugin that will allow hostile mobs to drop unidentified items that give random stats. You use identifiers to find out what the item random enchantments are
    2. To use identifier, right click with the identifier the enchantment table then click with the unidentified item.
      1. There’s an enchantment table at spawn
    Why is [itemName] worth so much?
    1. Thats because the jobs plugin allows players to earn money through crafting/smelting/breaking/placing/killling. Players buy [itemName] so they can earn money for their job.
    I want to sell/buy things/earn money
    1. Visit the player’s market by typing /warp market
    2. B = Customer buys (right click), S = Customer sells (left click)
    3. Visit town markets, here are some listed
      1. Classic Server
        1. /t spawn Infinity
        2. /t spawn Riverlands
        3. /t spawn Genesis (if you want Mythic items)
        4. /t spawn Farm (look to the right if you want logs)
        5. /t spawn ValePort - wood, wool, glass and other building materials
      2. Greek Server
        1. /t spawn blessed - End Game Equipment
        2. /t spawn nonne - Store
        3. /t spawn center - Store
        4. /t spawn cake - Store
        5. /t spawn clockwork - Mob Farm, Store
        6. /t spawn zyroshop - Store
        7. /t spawn belfast - Store
        8. /t spawn stardew - Store
        9. /t spawn cody - Mob Farm, Store
        10. /t spawn rolazia - Store
        11. /t spawn paix - Store
        12. /t spawn farm - Farm
        13. /t spawn Pyramid has a market with wool, terracotta & magic books (so far)
    Auction is annoying how do I ignore it?
    1. Type /auc ignore or better /auc spam
    What server am I on, what’s the difference?
    1. Castia has two servers, Classic and Greek
      1. Classic [​IMG]
        1. Older server more established player base and economy
      2. Greek [​IMG]
        1. Newer server with custom biomes, watch out when planting trees they grow huge!
    How do i get credits, what are credits?
    1. You can get credits by typing /vote and clicking on the 5 links daily
    2. To redeem your credits type /redeem
    3. To redeem your crates type /crates
    Where can I find all the chat commands?
    1. The sticky thread:
    This place looks abandon can I grief it?
    1. No
    A fun command is /hdb which brings a menu to purchase decoration heads
    Credit to crayy_ for classic towns, gnowun for classic/server towns
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    Looks good! :)

    Ps: Why is Center listed as the 10th town? :p
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    I'm a little rusty on my Classic town markets buuut:
    - /t spawn Infinity
    - /t spawn Riverlands (town markets; shameless town plug :p)
    - /t spawn Genesis (if you want Mythic items)
    - /t spawn Farm (look to the right if you want logs)

    Also, not sure where you can fit in /t spawn Farm. It's a great location on both Classic and Greek for all things gathering/collecting.

    But, great work on this idea! Definitely a good idea :)
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    also on classic there is a market at /t spawn ValePort with wood, wool, glass and other building materials
    and on greek /t spawn Pyramid has a market with wool, terracotta & magic books & purpur blocks and pillars (so far)
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    Very helpful for newer players. Everyone keep a Link ready for when someone spams: What do you do What do you do what do you do
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    Thank you! This helped immensely!
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    Thank you for the information on how to use the identifier. It worked!

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