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I'd agree with the first one.
Helper+ makes it seem like they're in between the helper and moderator rank, potentially creating some confusion with newer players. Not sure if this would be an issue like and could work, just have to see what happens ey?
If you make the rank available to everyone, it wouldn't be Emperor+ anymore, creating the confusion that a cheaper rank would be higher up than the most expensive one. They would most likely have to rename it to something else such as 'Donator+' so it applies to all the ranks because if someone paid for let's say Adventurer and then goes and buys that upgrade, they're not actually an Emperor to start with.
Maybe making the + part from your initial idea but apply it to all ranks, saying they've got the extra perks but they keep the aesthetic of the original rank would work better.
Good ideas though, they would be improvements as far as I'm concerned (for the most part).