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Emperor + ideas and suggestion



Hello! so im Luci.
I wanted to buy Emperor +, im in canada so its basically 10$ a month. I feel as if for us non Americans its tough to invest into a rank with little perks. I understand its a add on to emperor. For me, id rather just have it added onto emperor then.

I had the idea of creating a whole new subscription rank called Angelic. The following are some ideas for this new rank.
- Some sort of crate either legendary, treasure or a completely new crate. Where the only way to get it would be through the rank.
- A weekly payday (Something small, or fairly large. Depending if its allowed or beneficial)
- Every two weeks get a random item using a certain command.
- MCMMO credits or points. (i dont use it often so idk)
- XX amount of repair gems maybe

I hope the staff team, Classic and Atlas take my suggestion into consideration. I understand maybe some of these ideas could be too out there or impossible. I'd love to have a chat with Classic or any team member to suggest more ideas. My username is Luciless. Thank you!