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[Demonic Server] Sqreix's Donation Store



Good day, Demonic players of CastiaMC!

I'm Sqreix and I'm fairly new to the server, joined on May 26th, 2018. I gave the server a chance and I am currently enjoying what I'm doing, though the towns in the demonic server dissastify me as I don't see any towns that are aesthetically pleasing or prioritizes quality over quantity. So, I plan to create a town that would be enjoyable for the demonic players, new or old.

I am currently selling server items or ranks in exchange of demonic currency. My currency as of the moment is $200,000 demonic money to $1 USD. If an item costs $0.50, it will be $100,000 demonic money. My currency doesn't give discounts or sales unless the server store officially puts up one. However, I may have an occasional event which can happen to give out discounts, e.g. regular customers or something nice happened.

As a side note, the shop will open and close at occasional times. You can still reply your interest in buying products so that they would be put in a queue. Once the shop opens again, I will contact you if you are still interested and the process will be done accordingly.

I won't be going into detail on how much would it cost per rank, per rank upgrade, meridiem tools or crates. Instead, just drop in a reply below with the following format with the correct calculation of my currency. If you happen to revise it, I will reject your order.

In-game name: (Please make sure to check spelling twice)
Item I wish to purchase: (Rank/Rank upgrade/Meridiem Tools/Crates)
USD Price: (How much does it cost to buy in USD?)
Amount of money I will pay: (Amount of money you will pay in exchange for the product you desire to purchase)

As a heads up, my currency will regularly change depending on the demonic server's economy, playerbase or competititors.

In case you are curious on how will this work, I will explain it to you in a short step-by-step process:

Step 1) You will post a reply in this thread following the format or discuss it to me in-game.
Step 2) You will send me the discussed amount of money in-game.
Step 3) I will then purchase the desired product whether ranks, tools, or crates.

Satisfied customers from Sqreix's Donation Store:
@Naythen - x1 Legendary Crate - $4.49 USD
@GrandeC916 - Sentinel Rank - $6.99 USD [2-YEAR ANNIVERSARY 30% SALE]
@Woolfeh - Meridiem Axe - $7.49 USD

Total USD sold: $19.87
Total demonic money accumulated: $948,500

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Store Update (6/10/2018):

Due to the increase of player's job level and earnings in the Demonic Server, prices will raise as well.

Pricing update:
  • Pricing increased from $50k to $150k.


Store Update (6/10/2018):

Due to the increase of a competititor's price, I decided to level it out with him/her.

Pricing update:
  • Pricing increased from $150k to $200k.