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Congratulations Mojang.


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Congratulations to Mojang for a decade of one of the best games I've ever played.

Such an extensive community of builders, survivalists, redstone engineers, miners, modders and coders, server creators, map makers, resource pack creators, and so much more. The game has so much replay-ability, the possibilities and literally endless.

This is one of the biggest and best games I've ever seen when it comes to creative freedom. I easily find it one of my favorite games, being the first PC game I have ever played.

Remember the first tree you punched? Remember the first diamond you mined? Remember the first wolf you tamed? Remember the first shelter you built? Whether it was a hidey-hole or a grand castle. Remember the first time a Creeper killed you? Remember the first time you heard the music? Remember the first time you defeated the dragon? Remember?

Maybe you don't play survival, everyone as their own memories of the game if they've played it.

It's been such a fun run and I just wish I could go back to the start again, I miss those days dearly. I remember that time I built a little cobblestone 'castle', or when a witch got into my house, or when I got lost in a cave with only bats to accompany me.

If I ever have a kid, this will be the first video game they will play.

Please take a moment to just listen to the music and let the memories flow in.

Thank you to everyone who made this possible. The entire community, it's creator, developers, C418, content creators, and many more. To many more years to come. Thank you to the game, and you all, the players, that made a part of my childhood.

May we watch the sun set as sheep graze on the grass of the fields, as the wind blows.