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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by MadMikael, May 16, 2018.

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    May 14, 2018
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    This idea comes from a combination of things I see on the classic server.

    It would be nice if there was a way in game to find a specific player's shop (a listing of who owns what shop), and perhaps a brief description of what items they buy/sell (that may be too much to list though)

    I've spent some time wandering the market, and get really annoyed to find full sell-to chests, or empty buy-from chests - so perhaps a brief note of when the shop keeper was last in their shop could be useful

    Prices do fluctuate, and I'm sure many compete there, so a listing of prices is likely a bad idea

    A classifieds section where shop owners can post a brief message would be nice - I'm thinking like a bulletin board or similar near the marketplace entry (this does fit with the medieval theme, as they had such things in market towns back in the day)

    I do realize we have the forum section for this, but it seems to be very underused (IMO) and even though I've not been around long, I bet that many in the game do not use the forum at all - an in game solution would be ideal if possible

    Also, if possible, along the lines of a classifieds section, it would be cool if a section were open to all players (not just shop owners), where each player could leave one (1) brief message at a time. Unsure if that's feasible.
    Having a date stamp on messages though would give some insight as to what the possibility of said shop in the message being in stock could be.
    I don't know - the simplest idea I can think of is an area where every player is entitled to one sign - however some sort of plugin etc. that you can search (with a search function) would be ideal (not my area of expertise).

    This idea stems from repeated requests for where is so-and-so's shop, and also repeated requests to buy specific items in chat (mostly trade chat, but not always). EDIT: This also comes from some annoyance of slight over-advertising for some shops too (mostly in trade chat again). If there was a way to make this sort of info more available without taking away from the spirit of the game, I'd love to see it happen. Keep in mind that most want to have fun while playing, and wandering the market for hours only to be frustrated by shop keepers who do not maintain their shops other than to pay rent is quite deterring. Perhaps that concept should be looked at - as irl (today, and in times past) a shop that is always out of stock does not usually maintain business.

    One final curiosity - it seems that some players might own more than one shop in the market? I'm not positive, I didn't pay too much attention to the names - but it seems really difficult to get an actual shop there - I'm more inclined to build my own shop on my own land anyway, but I had considered the idea briefly.
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    We have /as info rented. You can see all shops-and owners with that command in the chat.
    Also, it isn't possible to rent more then one shop. (I tried it once ^^)
  3. _PandorasBox_

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    Sep 27, 2017
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    There's three different places for market things : On here on the forums, in the Discord ( Very used ) and /tr chat IG ( Very used ) . Kinda not needed when there's multiple platforms to post about your market room or anything else you're looking to sell ( Or buy, or even just getting a price of for that matter )
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    Mar 26, 2018
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    I mean, this would be cool if someone wouldn't mind maintaining it. I could see a living post on advertised shops. Post a date stamp and list all things they buy/sell. This would mean you could use Ctrl+F to quickly jump between prices all in one place to make a decision. I actually would very much like this info myself... I might just tackle this on the forums...

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