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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Thorpian, May 16, 2018.

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    May 16, 2018
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    As it currently stands now, it is practically impossible to farm ghast tears / wither skeleton heads on any active server. Why?

    Mob spawns are limited per world. In other words, there are a limited number of slots that can be taken up by mobs in (for example) the nether. This means, for example, that if is someone afk'ing and not killing unwanted zombie pigmen/blazes, those pigmen/blazes will sit next to them forever (or until they are logged off for AFKing).

    This means that a very small number of semi-AFK players can completely stop hostile mob spawns in a world (like the nether). This is detrimental to others and even to their own farming desires. I would like to offer two or three possible suggestions to eliminate this rather serious issue:

    1) Institute a hostile mob "cull" every 10/15 minutes. While this would not completely stop the issue, it would allow a resetting of those trapped mob spawns occasionally (as it stands now, one can go hours without a freeing of the mob spawns).
    -I'm unfortunately not plugin-savvy enough to know a plugin name, but I know this can definitely be done very easily

    2) Institute a similar mob cull, but make it more often and make certain mobs immune to the cull (ghasts, wither skeletons)
    -Not sure if this is possible

    Players may complain about option 1 (that it might on the very rare occasion eliminate a wither skeleton or a ghast). However, it would so vastly increase mob spawn rates for everyone that not doing it over the loss of a very rare ghast/wither skeleton every 10/15 mins is honestly ridiculous.
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    It may look like it is impossible, although it isn't. IF we should set the mob cap higher, ghast tears would lower their value, and wither skulls their worth. Also Hunter job would get overpowered.

    Actually, when I was a hunter, I could easily get 10+ ghast tears an hour, wich is 40K, and pretty much for a beginner Hunter. Also, wither skulls are also dropped, but you'll need some good mob farms, to grind the most effective.
  3. Jakobrigtrup

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    Oct 21, 2017
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    I don't think this is necessary. I'm a Hunter on Classic, and I always seem to get a decent amount of spawns pouring in - both in darkrooms and in the Nether. It is unlikely that I walk away without ghast tears if I stay at the ghast spawning area very long. If you play on the Demonic server, the very high amount of players might be an issue, but Hunter has never really been the dream job during peak.
  4. _PandorasBox_

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    Sep 27, 2017
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    Be patient and just stand around. I was getting a crap ton of mobs spawning, when I didn't even want them, while I was digging out my underground Sheep farm and using nightvision instead of constantly putting torches down. And they all appeared during the busy day, and within just a few minutes ( Constantly had to snipe or reload the chunks to make it safe for me to continue digging ) . The spawns are fine as is, you just have to be patient and wait a few minutes for things to get a chance to start spawning, no need to start killing mobs off, the broken mob limit plugin does that plenty on its own.
  5. PotatoQueenCoco

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    Hello there, mob spawn limits are set there for a reason, to reduce lag etc. I'm a hunter myself and spawns seem pretty decent recently, compared to a while back. Just be patient and the mobs will eventually spawn. If you feel like wither skeletons/ghasts aren't spawning, either kill the surrounding mobs (in this case blazes, pigman etc) or "refresh" the chunk by leaving the area and coming back.

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