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Ceeleese's Build Service


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Mornin' Punks.
Ever have an idea and go 'wow that would be SUPER cool to have' and then... not want to build it yourself?
That's why I'm here.

My pricing:
  • 5k per chunk
    • a chunk being a 16x16x16 area
    • F3+G for if you want to measure an area in advance
  • Please provide your own materials
    • I can gather most materials myself for an extra fee
    • If the project is in Greek or Classic I will not gather my own materials.

I can do:
  • Complicated Roofing (kills my soul)
    • including towers and mixed-style
  • 1-Chunk Houses (and smaller!!)
  • Working from Sketches, or description
  • Revamping existing builds
    • be EXPLICIT in what you don't want changed or removed
  • Terraforming
  • Interior Design (Price NOT included in build)
    • 5k per chunk again
  • Collaboration

I will NOT:
  • Copy a build tutorial for you, it's just tedious and not enjoyable for me.

All builds will come with a sign on it with my name, your name, and the date of completion.
  • Do not remove this sign.
  • I will not place this sign until paid for the finished build,
  • I reserve the right to keep finished build and potentially sell it in the future if you refuse to pay for my services.
  • Large builds will require a 10k deposit (10 chunks or more)

This thread will also act as a build portfolio, so you can see what I'm working on! If you would like to see my current projects in person, just catch me online. (I work a 50 hour week so might be harder than it sounds). Sometimes I'll have builds up for sale too!

Attached to this thread are my two current projects, both are unfinished, though the dark-oak is nearing completion and just needs more roof work. More pictures will be posted in the thread as they finish up.

Thanks for reading~
Forgot to post about my market shop!
It has bricks, mossy cobble, lilypads, webs, just a lot of annoying to gather blocks that you might need to give your project the right look. Shop 40.
2018-06-27_01.02.21.png 2018-06-27_01.03.48.png
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2018-06-27_21.14.25.png2018-06-27_21.12.01.png 2018-06-27_21.29.52.png

Bit of progress on that dome roof, a shot of the view, and some of the view from the inside. :) I'm thinking about potentially adding a wing or two to it, but I have these /tall/ window-panels along the length of both spiral staircases and that's something I'm very loathe to lose.

To Do on this:
-Finish small front towers and inside of main entrance (1/2 way point)
-Finish dome roof and stagger the inside (about 3/4's finished)
-Groundswork (still brainstorming here, possibly a hedge garden?)
-Finish detail work in basement (about 3/4's finished)

Still not sure what I'm going to do with this build, honestly it could make a pretty nice town spawn and the area surrounding it is gorgeous/needs minimal work to be useable.

Current Specs:
15 'chunks' (as described above, 16x16x16)
3 stories + basement storage/craft room


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Another project I'm working on! (figures, right? ahaha)

This one is a town that I'm working on, the building pictured is going to be the main hall, and I am finishing up the roof--although I am probably going to be replacing the walls with concrete. I've got some other stuff going on in the area too, but it's still being pinned down so there isn't much to see if you don't know what you're looking for.

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg

The main hall is going to include offices, a library/enchanting area, rules, donations, a mail room, and a job/memo center. The spawn is going to have a food stall, forge/anvil, rowhouse-style apartments, and an embassy plot (or something else if I can figure out what!)
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