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bc_epic_12's Staff Application

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bc_epic_12's Application

1. My in-game name is bc_epic_12
2. I have never been staff on any server before.
3. My timezone is midwestern
4. I have been playing Minecraft for about 8 years
5. I've been on the server for almost a month now. I play about 1 to 5 hours a day, usually around evening to very late at night. (4:00pm - 4:00am)
6. I was temp banned once for breaking abandon furnaces. And banned another time for character spam. The furnace breaking was a mistake I made by not understanding the rules of grief. The character spam was for listing one line of the lyrics to the song Zombie. ("What's in your heeeeaad")
7. I believe I will be helpful to the server by helping players, stopping hackers, griefers, ect, and enforcing rules that all players should follow. I want this job because I want players to come to me for help. I want new players to stay on the server rather than leaving right away. I want players to understand how the economy works, what to do, how to enjoy this amazing server. I want everyone to enjoy their time on this server and for them to make the most of it. New players usually don't stay very long, and I want to fix that. I love this server and I want it to grow bigger. I truly believe there is no better server than Castia and I would be honored to become a staff member. Thank you for reading my application. Have a wonderful day! :D


Staff member
Hi unfortunately your application has not been accepted, thank you for applying! Would like to see more about you in your application next time you apply! Feel free to apply again in a couple of weeks!
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