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Anti-caps plugin

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TLDR; Add a plugin that lowercases all-caps messages before they get sent to the whole server

I suggest the server adds a plugin to help with the semi-frequent issue of caps abuse. It would de-caps an entire message automatically if it contained more than 50% caps. I feel like this would save staff time and would not be difficult to implement. I'm not sure how stressful scanning all messages would be but since they're only text I'd hope it wouldn't stress the server too much. Please reply to the thread any questions, comments, or concerns.
Thanks, awesomeguy6678 (( Chat filters being linked with caps filtering ))

Read through these and you'll see why they've all been denied. Really should use your search feature.
I just read through all of these threads, and of the 4, 2 had no staff reply (poor Vegan). Of the two that did have staff (and even Naskel's) reply, those suggestions were for a full fledged chat-filter bot. That is much more of a request that I proposed.

The first thread was an anti-offensive filter which would have to be heavily tested and filled out with offensive phrases and doesn't ever work perfectly (i.e. spaced letters like S.\E.\M.\E.\N or picking up false positives like baSEMENt). This was purposely not included in the request because staff can do the job better than a bot can. The second thread ended up being mostly focused on the auto-faq feature (automatically responding to "Why are hay bales so expensive?"). This is also a massive undertaking and while would be beneficial to the server, can easily be answered by a willing player or staff member online.

The reason caps is annoying is that it's an annoyance and nothing more. The point of the proposed plugin would be to stop the annoyance of the caps, which can't be stopped by a moderator (other than after repeated offences). The reason that I propose a plugin to do the job of the staff in this case is that it's easy to make it function perfectly by only filtering messages that contain more than 50% (arbitrary) caps.

So, after looking through the old threads, none of them have a staff response saying why a simple anti-caps plugin could not be added. If a staff could reply, that would greatly increase the productivity of this forum.


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Look at how old those threads are, and where they are. Are they in the implemented section, despite their age? No? That means they were not wanted, staff reply or no staff reply. If a plugin is wanted and implemented, even if absolutely no one else comments on the thread, then it'll be moved into implemented suggestions.
While a lot of people don't give a crap about proper grammar, some do. And even small sentences can have a lot of caps. Example being "Press TAB". TAB being the actual name of an actual keyboard key, and therefor, not caps spamming. With a plugin like this, it would make simple things like that become 'press tab', which isn't correct, and can be extremely annoying to the person typing it. Some people, like myself, have OCD, and need to capitalize certain things ( Another example, Animals, for myself. I feel the need to capitalize the first letter in different Animals. Why? OCD, simple. If I don't do it, then it gets under my skin. It's harmless not to need medication for it, but it still irritates me ) . Another example? Usernames, or actual titles of things. Some people's usernames are in all caps. That's not caps spamming, it's a username. Same with certain words, similar to TAB, that aren't caps spamming, it simply has that many caps in it.
You would purposefully irritate people to a problem that is easily sorted, and actually doesn't happen that often? Think about how many times you've actually seen people spam with caps. It's very few, and when it does happen, usually staff are on and are able to silence it quickly. A plugin like this just pisses people off. I've been on servers that had something extremely similar, and every single person hated it, and it did nothing except cause issues. Even the staff hated it.
If someone is caps spamming, just tell them to stop, and usually they'll stop. If they don't, screenshot it if staff aren't online, report it, and then use /ignore -username- .


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Thank you for your suggestion, awesomeguy. While I agree a chat filter like this would be useful, I don’t think it’s a top priority at the moment. With the new addition of Guides, we typically have plenty of people able to keep their eyes out for things like this.
Pandora has covered a lot of the concerns I would have by implementing a system like this. If we are to implement something like this, I would hope that the benefits would outweigh the frustrations it would cause.

Also, if staff members have not responded to a suggestion, it does not mean we haven’t seen or read it. Similar chat suggestions have been proposed, and I can assure you this one hasn’t been overlooked either.


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As messages in global chat are now blocked if they contain a really excessive amount of capslock, I'm moving this to implemented suggestions.
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