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    Hello Fellow Castians!

    It's been a while since I've been online, and a lot has changed since my first day here! I thought I'd update my introduction to show this. UwU
    Name : DearAmbelina

    Nicknames : Fishy, Ambe, Bambi, Ambs

    When I'm Online : Around 10am CST - Around 2 AM CST

    Age : 20+

    Relationship? : Married. ♥

    Job : Freelance Illustrator, Spokesperson for my local Humane Society, and Customer Service Representative at VF Outlet.

    Hobbies : Crafts, Digital Art, Music, Browsing YouTube/Netflix/Hulu, Sleeping,

    Appearance : Literally my MC skin. Pixels and all. Click to see my beauty in all it's glory.

    Spirit Animal : Rabbit -- Timid, easily frightened, and short attention span.

    Favourite Colour(s) : Anything pastel!

    Server Preference : Greek/Atlantis

    Server Ranks : Hero

    Member Since : November 2016

    If you see me in game, don't be afraid to come to me for help!

    Helping people is my passion, and I will do anything in my ability to help others. I'd like to think that I am super friendly, and enthusiastic about Castia.

    See you in Castia!

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