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A Guide For Players Upset With Or Dissatisfied With Staff


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Okay, I know what you're thinking. Cas, what the heck are you doing feeding these people. But - hear me out.

I have a couple of things to note here so please bear with me.

1. Staff are human beings, too.

Not only are they human beings, but they even have lives! Surprising, I know. We often see them online for long periods of time, right? Well, kinda.

Staff are almost always on. However, they're not always the same person. Someone receiving your helpop or help request, may be unable to attend to it immediately. In the case of discord, they may not even be home. Oftentimes staff will try to help even when they cannot physically log on to Castia. They assist in DM issues, in discord chat issues, even in reviewing forums posts or DMs regarding issues on the server. As someone who has been staff on a small server, even that was hard to maintain. It takes a lot of time and dedication, a lot of frustration and a whole lot of work. There's collecting of evidence, talking to several people involved, conversations to be had with other or higher-up staff members, and in most cases there's a very detailed guide for how they should assess certain issues. Oftentimes there are specific values for those things, like grief. Grief is assessed in many ways as far as I know, but one of them is the number of blocks affected. That can determine someone's punishment, regardless of intent or reparations.

In cases of quantifiable problems, oftentimes staff members are forced to adhere to what is already determined as punishments for those quantities. This is for a couple reasons, in my experience. One of those reasons, is to maintain an unbiased system. By giving numerical parameters for punishments, the server essentially eliminates inconsistency with staff actions, and also helps staff to feel more confident in how they should proceed. There's a reason we have ban appeals, and it's because there are players who make mistakes, genuinely. There are situations that can be repaired and there are ways you can prove you will not remain a detriment to Castia as a whole, with such behaviours.

Now, back to my original point. Staff are human. They get anxious, they get confused, they have trouble just like the rest of us. They have jobs, school, families, extracurriculars, personal matters. Staff can become distracted just like any other player. Speaking of players, staff are. They all play on the server just like we do. I'm sure you've zoned out once or twice when playing because of mindless work, because of the grind. Staff, of course, are careful to remain attentive. But people make mistakes. And Staff are only human. It's our job as players to take initiative before attacking. Report it to the discord, PM a staff member. Having such an immediately negative outlook and reaction with staff will only do one thing: make it harder for them to work with you. It can create anxiety, a feeling of self-doubt, extreme guilt. I've seen many a staff member in other servers quit, because of the pressures and negativity from players. I know it's tempting to break out your keyboard and hop into DMs to give them a what for, but maybe take a minute to think first. Are you overreacting? Is it really that important, that you should possibly cause someone extreme stress when they're volunteering their time and effort to make sure your experience is satisfactory? I promise, it's not.

Staff are people too, and you should treat them as such.

2. A lot of work is done quietly.

Many of you may think, "Oh, staff never do anything. I never see them working, or helping out", and I can say I'm guilty of that thought too. But you should remember, as I have learned to, that a lot of staffing is quiet and done without much grandiosity. Staff are always doing their best. Many things are done without any mention in chat. A lot of server work is done in /vanish, or from outside of the server itself. Silent warns, bans, kicks, all of those are used, and some fairly regularly. It's for many reasons, and I won't claim to know them all, but I know one of them is to prevent random messages and confusion in chat. A lot of what staff do is private interaction via helpops, and DMs, and PMs. 1-on-1 interactions for things like helping with chests in shops, assisting with items malfunctioning, permissions not working, with grief and animal grief, and theft. With server-rule breaking PMs, and a lot of it requires them to regularly move from server to server. Many staff have come online simply to assist with something, before going back to their lives or their pressing business. They sacrifice time from their day to come online if only to help out for a moment. A lot of what content and Vegan do is also quiet. They are constantly working, but they can't just magically whip an event out or make new items. There's testing, and building, and transferring things from the build world to Castia. Most times, things aren't implemented until they're at a stage where they're 99% sure it'll function on Castia and with the existing plugins and items. We've never been given anything that was half-assed. They work their skin raw making events and new items. Last year there was a lot going on, and the Halloween event was delayed to ensure that we would enjoy the final product as intended; staff will not put out an event that isn't finished or hasn't been made the best they can with what they have. We had no Winter event this past holiday season, because they didn't have enough time or resources to give us something they could feel was satisfactory or enjoyable in that time frame. Instead of giving us something garbage, they told us what was going on. They explained, and honestly? I prefer that. I prefer staff who are honest and won't make excuses for something. They don't have to give us events, but they do. And they only give us the best of what they can make for us.

In short - there's more than you see when it comes to staff, well, staffing.

3. Some things can't be fixed.

In some cases, your issue can't be resolved. And it sucks. It's frustrating. You lost gear, or your money, or your town, or your levels. Maybe you lost items to being raided. Maybe you were griefed and there weren't any logs. It happens to the very best of us, and it even happens to staff. Because, referring to point one - they play the game too. They lose items to bugs, accidentally tinker an item. But they don't abuse their power to restore those items for themselves, and they won't do it for you either. There are very explicitly set guidelines for what can and can't be resolved. At a certain point, it's out of their hands. They can only do so much with what they've been told they're allowed to do. For a lot of things in regards to their actions, they have to keep detailed report and evidence for their actions. If you can't show them what you had when a crash occurred, or what your town was and where if it got wiped, if there are no logs for grief or chat abuse or harassment, they cannot change that fact. They can't just disregard what they're given as parameters for a certain issue. If you don't have it, or the logs aren't there, it sucks, but it's what it is. Please remember that at a certain point, it's out of their hands. There's no reason to yell, threaten, or flagrantly disregard rules because you're angry. Log off, go outside, watch some youtube and calm down. They're doing their best to help you - and they often feel just as bad as you, when they can't.

Anyway, that's just my 2 cents. But really, try not to dehumanize staff when you feel upset or frustrated. Try to see what can be done, and if something is bugged or not working teh way it should, or maybe you think it can be better, check out frequent suggestions here on the forum, and make a post if what you have to suggest hasn't already been addressed.

That's all, folks.


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A good post, raised important points for sure.

I don’t think the issue is, in anyone’s opinion, staff. It’s the server software/hardware itself shitting it, pretty much everyone agrees that vegan is love and vegan is life... It’s been going on a while now so people are just upset and I don’t think they’re blaming staff except maybe atlas? The only time I’ve seen atlas on discord was when he asked if anyone wanted to play a different game with him, in the wrong channel too lol. The lags never been this bad, apparently. More staff have resigned during Atlas’s reign than in Naskel’s AFAIK, too. People are just really passionate about Castia, typically with big servers: when they go down or have a lot of issues, they sprinkle the players with free stuff and whatnot - it’s unusual for it not to happen. So I guess people are going to be sad over having lost the ability to reliably play and enjoy Castia for quite some time now, with the downtime being often In the same early hours which would affect a group of people repeatedly. You’re NA, so you probably don’t appreciate the EU people who lose out on their time because the outages have been mainly in the morning EU hours. For most people, it’s the principle, a free repair gem or something would be pretty nice.

If I’m being honest, to me this just feels like you’re looking to get guide, someone said you were mini-modding in help req and general chat so I guess it’s a plausible narrative. Best of luck with that man, I’m sure you’ll get it soon. I do agree with most of these points though, staff like Wren and Vortex have made a lot of awful situations into bearable ones for me and wolf once helped me with an auction error. Without vegan, Castia’s playerbase got thanos snapped I’m told; 1.12 backwards compat was a great move, one we won’t forget. I think the event complaints were moreso about the rewards not the dynamics, not the actual event: we didn’t get a couple events in a row and then we got one which was well made but minus being worth doing for most players and the token grind didn’t pay off great either relative to the actual event. That was the opinion of the players I spoke to in voice in those big event calls anyway.

I feel like one of those lines could be aimed at me since I lost a 7m item in the lag but you clearly weren’t educated on that case, I do have a picture of the item, I do know how it was lost and I do have logs having the item and I have evidence from first buying it as well as credible witnesses. The issue was the LWC plugin, which broke again today - I’m sure staff will realise that shortly and I will get unfucked over but I don’t think I’ve dehumanised them. I’ve spoken in call with Wren and there’s been no quarrel, though I doubt you felt I dehumanised them - I’m guessing that’s about all the people complaining in wherever channels or chats today.
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Well said, even tho for some reason i legit thought u were bazz, well said, people can always find a good side to things that go wrong, a large amount of grief? Why not take the opportunity to do some home renovations bad things happen, people just need to fine the bright side of the bad, the bad will make you plenty angry, use that anger to do something meaningful and productive instead of beating on the server staff cause they are humans(i hope) and if you for ever reason wish there were robots as staff then those make plenty of mistakes also, just say thank you when a staff helps and dont expect the world out of them, they aren't gods (those are the gnomes jobs)
Be respectful and appreciative, we dont have 10/10 staff members, we have better than that!
A while back when jmanp was the manager for content there was a dude that got into his acc and destroyed the skyblock spawn, and he decided to destroy my island too, it was definitely janky when rolled back but i dealt with it and i was happy with it(shoutout to ady/adeea) because i had something i can work with, it gave me opportunity and happiness just to have my base back thanks to the legendary effort the staff put into the server, thank you