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  1. AstridSpeckles

    [Demonic] Spawners won't drop

    What is your IGN?: AstridSpeckles What server is this glitch/bug occurring?: Demonic, as far as I know, only demonic. What would you like to report?: Spawners aren't dropping anymore when using silk touch. I'm of Emperor rank so it should drop for me regardless. How can we replicate this...
  2. AstridSpeckles

    [Forums] Profile picture transparency

    Yahallo! Here is my own personal suggestion since this bugs me a little bit. As you know if you have a transparency anywhere in your profile picture, it makes the background blue. While this isn't that much of an issue, the idea of it being white or a dark grey I think would improve the...
  3. AstridSpeckles

    Fantasia's Treasure! [Art + Map Art]

    Fantastia's Treasure! Yahallo! Astrid here coming at you from Demonic with a brand new shop! Check it out at /t spawn flame! I don't have a /warp market shop yet but I will when I have a few more maps made, I'll keep you posted! Want some map art? I got you cover! But what happens if you...
  4. AstridSpeckles

    Can't see images sometimes?

    For some reason I often see images that don't load even though they 100% should be Any way to fix this? Also how do I link my mc account to my forums one? I've tried doing it but it doesnt work?
  5. AstridSpeckles

    Bowsette map art + Drawing~! [Fantasia's Treasure]

    Here is my second (and third?) map art! Once again come buy it on Demonic! I draw all of my map art apart of my shop gimmick ^^ At the moment you'll have to /mail me and catch me in game since the only way to get to here is via my town's market distract (which is confusing to get to), I feel...
  6. AstridSpeckles

    New Map Art! 'Astrid Says Hi!' [Fantasia's Treasures]

    Yahallo! I've recently made my first ever map art~ Purchase it on the Demonic Server! Quick primer All of my future map arts are going to be of images I drew myself :3 Its going to be my gimmick~
  7. AstridSpeckles

    [Question] Mending?

    So I'm new to the server and I've been seeing confusion on the server regarding Mending. Whenever its mentioned people answer both yes and no to being able to get mending via an enchanting table. I was wondering what the actual answer is. From what I've gathered is this conclusion but I would...
  8. AstridSpeckles

    My latest drawing

    If you've played Pokemon Sun/Moon then you'll know what I'm meant to be owo If not, I drew myself in the team outfit of the 'villianious' team in the pokemon game with my starter pokemon Rowlet~
  9. AstridSpeckles

    [Game] It's super-effective!

    Hiya, Speckles' here! Being the massive Poke-nerd that I am, I decided to make a game! All you have to do is say a Pokemon that has a type advantage of the one above! An example: So with that explained, lets begin! I'll start us off with... Poliwag!
  10. AstridSpeckles

    A wild AstridSpeckles appeared!

    Hiya! Thanks for taking the time to read this~ I'm AstridSpeckles and I joined the server on August 18th (2018)! I've only played strictly survival before this so I'm still trying to warp my head around all the features but so far I really enjoy the server so I intend to stick 'round, decided...