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  1. Kafes

    Problems with Digger

    As much as I'd love the digger perks to become usefull, deserts aren't the only thing you can dig. There is a good variety. Badlands biomes are where you can mine tons of terracotta with a pickaxe which is , for me, the most efficient way to grind. Sand is really bad for grinding experience...
  2. Kafes

    /market shop124

    Well, thats awkward lol. Great... I'll go hide somewhere now..
  3. Kafes

    /market shop124

    We are going to get you to 75 builder my friend!
  4. Kafes

    Can't see images sometimes?

    You have to go to the lobby server ingame with /server and do /link. Then follow the instructions I believe.
  5. Kafes

    Tawny's ore coloring resource packs

    This is so cool! However I have been using the x128 version of purebdcraft. I loved the idea so much that I made a small patch for purebdcraft x128. If anybody is using that pack, here are some colored ores and animated diamond links. PureBDCraft x128 - Ore coloring patch Download...
  6. Kafes

    Medieval /warp market enlargement

    Sorry I didn't have time to check the thread. I've been scouting out shops every day now. As tedious as it is, I guess its the only way. The more I see empty shops and unstocked shops, I take back the idea of enlarging the market. I think its big enough as it is and allready takes long to take a...
  7. Kafes

    Medieval /warp market enlargement

    But it seems like the number of shops is still not enough. If the idea behind not expanding the marketplace further is because it could make the area laggier I could understand. However as it stands the number of shops don't seem to be enough. Also is each shop checked by guides/mods every day...
  8. Kafes

    Medieval /warp market enlargement

    Hello. I've been playing for a week now. For the whole week I've been looking for an empty shop at the /warp market to rent. However there never is an empty shop. They are either taken before me, rented for longer by the owner or just simply has a very very long rent duration. I have no problem...
  9. Kafes

    Returning Player

    This is true. I was just asking incase there was a way to see my past stats through the server files. I have no intention of finding evidence either. I don't even think that I can. have an all new computer. The only evidence that I have is the registry date of both my forum account and my ingame...
  10. Kafes

    Returning Player

    Hello! It has been years since I last played minecraft and on Castia. I was playing here in 2016 I believe which my ingame stats say is my joining date. I've had free time lately and decided to try out minecraft again. I see that I still have money in my balance and have kept my inventory aswell...
  11. Kafes

    Hello Everybody!

    Welcome Gpselfie you have indeed found a good tawny server and a good community. Have fun man!
  12. Kafes

    Another update post.

    Looking forward for the halloween dlc, keep up the great work!
  13. Kafes

    Spawn Donations Box/Community Chest!

    I have a lot of goodies that I could put into a community chest aswell. Could be nice.
  14. Kafes

    Client-Side Chat Mod?

    So you have to go over to the forge website and download forge for 1.10.2. Then you can open this link to download liteloader for 1.10.2. That is a snapshot version taken from After you have downloaded them both go ahead and install forge like you normally would...
  15. Kafes

    Client-Side Chat Mod?

    If you have forge installed for other mods, you just have to choose the forge version while installing liteloader but they have to be for the same minecraft version. If you have no other mods all you have to do is to install liteloader which has an installer and then put the TabbyChat mod into...
  16. Kafes

    Chat Features

    This sounds great!
  17. Kafes

    Digger job bug

    Hello. The level 50 perk of the digger job is being able to find repair gems from digging. However you can only get them from dirt/grass. No matter how long I dig, I can never get gems from sand. Digging deserts is very fun as a digger too so I don't know if this was intended or not. No matter...
  18. Kafes

    Client-Side Chat Mod?

    TabbyChat is a good client-side chat mod. It was discontinued but then maintained by Killjoy1221. Now, I haven't tried it yet. However it does have very neat features like what you just said. You can seperate tabs, apply filters bla bla. Here is the link.
  19. Kafes

    /Job Fisherman

    Yes, I've heard someone (I don't remember the name, pardon me) say that fishing was too hard to balance which is why it wasn't added/it was removed.
  20. Kafes


    Actually if Reagent can have 100% arcane forging which is a blacksmith level 75 perk, then donators should also be able to unlock /top command which is a builder job perk.