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    End reset possibility?

    oohh sorry i havent seen that thread ;-; should i remove this?
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    End reset possibility?

    ohh i see! makes sense, well thanks for that. i just thought it may have been a struggle to reset or something :)
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    End reset possibility?

    So i've recently been told the end doesn't reset, which is a bummer, but i was wondering if there's any chance it could be? is it able to be done or is it too much of a hassle? cause it's a little annoying trying to find end cities that aren't already looted :( (ft. Atlantis)
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    What are YOU thankful for on Castia?

    I'm thankful for being apart of the Castia server- and immensely thankful for all the wonderful people i've met and become friends with during my short time here. it's wonderful, super grateful! :D
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    Greek-atlantis creations (exilition town)

    wow looks good! I love how people stick to the server themes! definitely inspired me to make a themed build. nice work ;) that being said, what texture pack are you using?
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    Counting Game (2019 before 2019)

    384 :eek:
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    Atlantis Oak Fence Gates / Doors

    On Atlantis, I can't lock any oak fence gates or doors (/lock)? I'm not sure if this is just for me, but other fence gates (spruce for example) lock just fine, same with other doors. Not sure if this is just for me, or whether it's been brought up before but I thought I'd jot it down. :)
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    Halloween Event-- Loss of Tome / Necromancer?

    All is good! Seems to just be something on 1.13, but easy peasy, I'll just use 1.12 :D Thanks.
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    Halloween Event-- Loss of Tome / Necromancer?

    Okay so since the event started, once I completed the Necromancer's parkour and got the Teleport Tome, it would vanish after I left the event / disconnected and logged off. I'd have to do the whole parkour to the top again, each time. Just now I thought I'd come online to try again and the...
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    2018 Halloween event guide

    When you get the Teleport Tome, is it meant to disappear after you disconnect/log out and get back on? Cause mine has done that several times, and I have to keep going back and doing the Necromancer parkour o_O Or is this just a problem for me?
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    just make sure to look everywhere. my last one was under a tree, might i add, i walked past it millions of times. its not impossible! PS. if you cant see very well, just turn your gamma up a little :)